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Saturday, 31 May 2008

Why oh why?

as we all know a lot of people here have been conned or cheated by ah long and others, why did these things happen??

being cheated by such people have been a very cliche stories among all but they seem to unchange. Why?

The powerful authorities have been telling people over and over again regarding not to trust such ah long or people who said they are masters, or even scratch and win competition, but these things happen and happen again. Why?

The new one, a person, wasa cheated by a man who said he was a master in determining other's luck, this person who was a fool, trusted this master completely, and without haste hand in about RM 30k just to let his fate being 'observe'.

This is such a humiliating thing, and should never happen ever again. Dont ever trust such people and competition again.

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