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Friday, 30 May 2008

Celebs in Bridal Gowns!?

Oh GOD!! mY FASHIOn curiosity is again here in my heart and soul!!! HAHAHAHXD

let see some of our local celebs in bridal gowns, some deserve the wow! and of course the boos too.

Raja Farah

(Hmm...something wrong with her bridal gown, 2 stars only, why do designers have to do those stupidish layer on the chest)

Nora Danish

(WOW! She is always stunning, cute and adorable. Plus sexy too. Like her gown but it looks too fantasy to me)

Rozita Che Wan and sis, Ayu Raudhah

(With nice figure, everything goes well. Rozita looks sophisticated and at the same time, elegant. Ayu Raudah on the right, looks chicky, but the wedding-cake-style skirt is a no-no)

Liyana Jasmay and Juliana Evans (Remaja Co-Hostess)

(Julaina looks extremely like a goddess. But more like maid in honour to me. Liyana on the right, looks so young and happy. Plus, she has a little tiny body that makes the dress suits her so well. Like it a lot)


(Diana, Jue, designer, Ermi and Fauziah Ghous looking elegant)

(I just like Shahila, she's so pretty)

(frm left: designer, farahdhiya who is looking like a queen, Nurul, too sexy and bitchy-looking, fazura, ah, I almost drooled and Marsha looking amazing and smashing in pink, and designer)


jAmbU_jAm said...

cOMEnt oRg jR pNDAi
diA 2
cRA diA pKAi oK KR x
xtAO lA

Maraina Saufi said...

hi, nk tanya yg baju wedding ni smua dari mana? reply at bole? =)