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Thursday, 19 June 2008


In a very small, cosy home, there lived a happy small family of three. They consisted of a mom, a father and their 17 year old son. They are usually busy with their own business and never take a glance at other's problems, but on one beautiful Sunday.....

the son named Tun came into the kitchen and he saw his beautiful chinese mother, and of course biological mother, was happily drinking her coffee.

Tun: Wah mom, you look so happy there. Did you cook anything?? I smell something delicious.

Mom: Hmm...well, I didnt cook anything la. Today is Sunday is time to rest.

Tun: But how come I smell something delicious?

Mom: I dont know. Maybe it came from the trash can. (with a sinis smile)

Tun: Nevermind laa...I have already eaten actually. I ate a burger just now. And that is why a
a burger dealer benefits.

So, Tun decided to sit next to his mom.

Mom: Hey, Tun. Do you know what job did ur uncle Meor get?

Tun: A slave, MOM.

Mom: Haiya, I am asking seriously laa...I heard that he gets a big salary, about rm1500 a month

Tun: Ah, thats so cheap laa...I got rm500

Mom: What!? Rm500?? That's lower than his laa..

Tun: Aiyaa. He is the government slave, yet he gets only rm1500, but I, I am the burger dealer
and I get rm 500. I am the only boss and no slave. Haahah

Mom: Whatever.

Then, in a few minutes, came the daddy....

Mom: Darling, its already 2 pm and u just woke up?

Dad: Relaxla, I went jogging and taichi this morning. So tired....

Mom: Oh yeah! When do u want to pay the bills?? Its due date laa...if u were late ours might
have to be dripped off.

Dad: Nevermind laa.. we are the one who pays. They just receive. And u, have u cook yet?

Mom: No, I am on a 'holiday'. I am bored of cooking.

Dad: Nevermind then...

Tun: Dad, what if we go to eat outside. Its been ages since we had one. How about at the 5 star
hotel in town?

Mom: Are you crazy??Its expensive laa...Your dad didnt even have the money to pay for the

Dad: Nevermindlaa...its not always...just once at a time what...dont be too serious.

Tun: Dad, I have got the warning notice, I'll be sentence if I failed to pay the PTPTN money.

Dad: Nevermindlaa...its not like you will in jail forever.

Mom: yeah....nevermind laa. they just want to take you behind bars, not execute you.

Tun: Ok then.

Mom: Oh god, look at the time. Its asar already.

Dad: Asar!!??? Oh god, I miss my Zuhur laa...

Tun: Nevermind dad. U can still pray zuhur tomorrow.

the end....with tun being slapped by his dad

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