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Wednesday, 18 June 2008

A teribble day

Oh dear God.
Wednesday was supposed to be the best days in school, but I guess not this time.
What actually happened?
>I felt something wrong but I can't detect it<
>Puan Thava asked me to couple with Ikhwan to do the a brochure on saving water<
>Ikhwan, who better known as my class prince, was so quiet, although he contributed much<
>Huda sat at another place, left me alone<
>some people said they re boring with me<
>math club!! a disaster!!<
>praised by the practical teacher regarding my results in exams<
>cold, and raining!! spoil time to play badminton<
>tiredness unexplained<
>scolded by junaidi<
>I despise junaidi!<
>One mark lowered than Chiam 0.0<
>insulted by form 2 geek-slimy-boys<
certainly not a pleasing day....

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