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Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Not a satisfactory

rite, again, fail in attempt to get all A1 in my 11 papers. Thanks to dear PHYSIC, the study originated from Isaac Newton.

I've been waited for almost 2 weeks I think for the paper, I was amused by my paper 2, which I scored the highest, but then woah!! Paper 3, I FAILED, my experiment was not acceptable by dear Pn Suzita (My physic teacher). She even said it out loud, "WHat KIND of EXPERIMENT IS THIS??" I was humiliated, but I acted cool...the boys were happy to see me humiliated of coz.

Final score is 66% which is a B3. So did chiam, 67% and only a person obtained A2, which is Luqman Hakim, WHO IS a bit of a stuck-up. After that, was EST, luckily I am the only person who got A1 for it, which is terribly only 76% T_T. In my essays there's written "A good attempt, but becareful with your spellings". Thanks to teacher for reminding me.

All my elective paper was a bit called misery. Tough paper, with easy questions and hard answers. Nevermind, score next time...

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