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Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Something to share...

FYI, I just returned from a two-days camping at the school compound which only 5km from my home sweet home. This is maybe my second camping experience in my whole 16 years of life. Well, I am not a camping-typo, but I admit that I do love camping.

I was representing PBSM for the camp woth another 21 members, who 7 of them are my friends. Chiam, Durrah, Mimi, Aina, Daksayani and Shamnee followed too. I, as th PBSM President, was forced to go actually, but I didnt hesitate, instead I just go with open hands. To be true, the camp was not too bad at all, even though my friends and I were divided to different groups. I was in group 2, leaded by a from 6 student, namely Abang Aniz. And suprisingly, Chiam who was in group 1 was chosen as the team's leader.

The treasure hunt was cool and exhilarating. Running back and forth, made us all tired and thirsty of coz, especially when we had to complete a task of 30 situps. A lot of games involved math, which were the time for me to glow, and yes I did, except for Sudoku, as I couldnt do it in tense. So overall, we won the 5th place for the treasure hunt which is not a bad thing at all.

During late afternoon, before we set up our tents, we were asked to discuss on the sketch we're going to perform at night, during the Malam Kebudayaan. Frankly speaking, everyone was blurred and we were running out of ideas at first. Bro Aniz couldnt think of anything until at one moment, I was the one who gave out my idea. The sketch was a theme on patriotism, a boring one I supposed. I told my members what they have to do, and that they have to act spontaneously as we had no time to write scripts for everyone. When the night came, we heating up the stage, our sketch was the best. That was the best event ever!

And, for badminton for the next day, although Chiam and I didnt make it to the final, we were still happy. At least we were able to play despite of our sick bodies. The game went to our senior. At the end of the camp event, we were satisfied of what we've earned. Chiam got the best participant certificate, and her group won the best group category meanwhile mine, won the second place or first runner up. My tent which was occupied with Durrah, Chiam and I, won the best setting up tent competition.

Overall, all I can say is that the camp was a joy. But always remember do not pack too many things for camping. Adios*_*

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Fawah said...

i had changed my blogspot url


well, dearest diana
i do miss u!
im fine and
im in sci acc class
dapat no 10/42 hari tuh
im quite well
so how are you ? :)