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Thursday, 5 June 2008

Higher Cost for Living in Our Own Beloved Country Malaysia.

Yesterday, the 4th June, our country announced the terrible news for us people, the increasing price of OIL. and also, the electricity bills will be increasing starting from 1st of July, which is very soon indeed.

In the medias, I meant tv, what I had seen was thousands of people, queued up just to have their vehicles' tanks filled up. Most of them succeed, while most of them had to go home in bare. Even my daddy, failed in attempt to fill his tank. Poor everyone.

As the increasing of petrol damaging people's heart in every way, the citizens must also 'comprimise' with their increasing cost of living. From now onwards, everything will be expensive as before, except for flour.

For the high income family, these issues must be a norm for them, especially those chinese tycoons in town. But, for low income people, they will sigh and sigh, and pray for the prices to decrease. Those who are working, have to face the fact that the value of money now has no need to be brag about. The salaries are still in the initial amount while prices are increasing mountainly, these include, bus fare and also flight tickets. Besides, the increasing oil's price will also slowly nurture to a destruction of our tourism sector.

WHat to do....
just hope no inflation occur

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