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Friday, 6 June 2008

a story of the quest to find the real princess

In far away land, lived a queen whom was very fussy over choosing the right bride-to-be for her spoilt and foolish prince. She set up so many tests to find the most genuine princess for her son. Many people, in her kingdom, hated this situation as the queen's rule stated that no one would be able to marry until her son is married.

The last princess was on test failed to answer the last question. So, she failed to marry the prince. The queen went, "this means we have to wait for several years for the princesses' sisters grow up". Everyone became furious including Lady Larken.

Lady Larken was the Soon-to be Prime Minister's girlfriend. She wanted to get married as soon as possible because she found out that she was pregnant. However, the prime minister, Harry, couldnt granted her wish, as he had to follow the queen's rule.

Lady Larken became so sad, and asked Harry to go search for a roincess for the royal prince. Since Harry didnt want Larken to feel sad, so he asked for the queen's permission. At first, the queen didnt agree, but when she was successful persuaded by her son, she let Harry go in search for the princess.

Summer, winter all past, and Harry came back. He brought along a princess from the Icomkill Land. This princess was rarely to be found. She was superactive, but not wise indeed. The queen didnt like the princess, but the prince liked her so much. So, the queen had to make up another test, which seems fair but not fair.

She suggested to hold a test which test the sensitivity of the princess. She wanted 20 mattresses for the princess and a small pea beneath. If the princess could feel the presence of the pea, she must be a real princess.

So, one day, the queen organised a party, and the princess had to dance Spanish Panic. Spanish Panic was known as the hardest and tiresom dance thereis duirng that time. However, the princess didnt even bother to be tired. In fact, she was as alive as an owl. So, the queen's attempt tp get her into sleep wasnt a success.

The princess then, went to her room accompanied by the prince, and did some revision on math, science and history. She wasnt tht good in all. and she felt bored, so she took some walk around the castle until she went into a lock-room. There was lady larken who was imprison for knocking the queen. Lady Larken knew all about the upcming test, but couldnt tell the princess as the sorcerer came and commanded the princess to have a night at the royal chamber of sleep.

Therefore, there's a bed with 20 mattress. Lady Larken who succeed in escaping finally told all the maids about the queen's test. Instead of putting a pea underneath the matresses, they put big stuff and among them was a deer's horn. Fortunately, the queen had no idea about the betrayal of her maids. And yes, the princess sensitivity was tested and she succeed. The queen became mad, but the prince had to voice out. "SHUT UP MUM!". SO, the queen magically became mute, and coudnt speak a thing, and the princess with the princess was able to be together down the chapel, and live forever with happiness.

the end....

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