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Friday, 6 June 2008

Ugly Betty Last For 2nd Season

hoho.. finally ugly betty turned its curtain down, and bid us with farewell exatcly on the 3rd june (my birthday that was).

in this last episode of ugly betty, betty was called to join the Mode company to play baseball versus the Elle Magazine company, mostly for charity work. Well, unfortunately, at first, betty disagree mainly because she is a softbone who cant play games. She reminded how her 'best friend' which was casted by Lindsay Lohan (wow!) tricked her foolishly while they were playing dodge ball in high school. but, Gio, (heheh) he persuaded betty, but betty still on her stand.

for the same time, her boss, Daniel Meade (the cassanovah), was busy preparing a new report for the baseball tournament and couldnt help his transexual brother who is now a woman or known as Alexis (she's hot!!) chose the right outfit for the women players. Bad day for daniel though, the client didnt understand a bit of his report and this gave chance for wilhemina (the snake-bitching sexy lady) to take control of the meeting and boom!! she succeeded in winning the client's heart. Of course, this situation made Daniel thinks that he is a jerk (which he was) and Betty thinks he is a jerk too. Ahahaha.

ALSO. in this very episode, here comes the suprise, Daniel found out that he has an illegitimate son from France. That boy was cute as a kitty. He was Daniel's offspring with a model who had just died in France. So, the boy was in mission to find for his dad in New York city, which is Mr Daniel Meade. Daniel, who was still fed up with his failure in the recent meeting couldnt accept the fact that he is now a dad. SO he ran out a paternity test. But soon after that the boy ran away coz he knew that Daniel didnt even bother about his coming. While Wilhemina, got her hands on that boy, and made a stupid video, where the boy had to act as if he was kicked out by Daniel. The whole media got this story, and Alexis as the Mode's president became furious as this will jeopardise the company's big name.

Ok, Betty on the other hand got a suprise at her home. Henry which is her bf suddenly appeared and proposed her, plus wanted her to follow him to Tucson. He even got a job for Betty there. Mr Suarez who is Betty's dad disagree because he didnt want Betty to live as far away as in Tucson. And on the same time, Gio wanted Betty to follow him all the way to Rome for a holiday. Hard choice huh?

During that very game at the baseball tournament, Betty met both Henry and Gio, but all she could do was to run away from both of them. She couldnt make up her choice. Meanwhile, when the game was about to start Daniel and Wilhemina had a big fight, and Daniel accused Wilhemina for faking the video of his son. Wilhemina said it was her doing, and she fired Daniel. Wilhemina became the pitcher in the game, and she rocks..!!! Plus, there was supermodel NAomi Campbell either. Man she's sweetHOT! but overall Mode won the game, as Betty could catch the ball hit by Naomi.

So thats all for betty second season. I dont know whom she chose. Hope its gio.HAHA, AND DANIEL IS spending his leisure time with his french son.

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Anonymous said...

oh bagus
aku xdapat tgk last episod yg lepas
dpt baca ni pun jadi la