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Saturday, 7 June 2008

I am alright AND ADDICTED TO skins

think so and guess so. ah, today, the person i was waiting cant show up. what a pleasant 'suprise'. I guess this gonna be another simple, boring saturday. sigh....

now its my 3rd skin, i was going to find a skin that really reflects my hatred towards some cruel society but all I could fine is the loving-bubly-girlish skins. Boring!! I like some of them, but again, there are love caption on the top and everywhere, plus the fonts are INCREDIBLY small till I cant see anything.

I'll change it immediately again la. but not now, and I would like to put an adsense in my blog, hehe it was afif's idea. well, actually I really didnt have the intention to change my skin, but when alia nenek the 3rd said that mine is like fariez's I was like "Hell!! My blog isnt like others!!" U know what I meant do ya?

I was pretty obviously have this fed up feeling towards a friend of mine. She had made chiam and I looked pretty stupid this morning. We went to her place because she invited us to play badminton (again huh!?), but hoho, what a kicking-bloodish hell, she wasnt home. I, who is the bravest than chiam (hehehe), knocked her neighbour. THe aunty told me that alya (the friend i am talking about) is still at her hometown in Melaka. She is DAMN-WILL GET MY PEACE OF KICK.

So, rather than head to home, I suggested to Chiam that we better play laa, coz we already arrived at tht place. Not a good game, totally NOT. The wind was ablaze and we really like long time never play kinda look. Then, the tiny water of rain from GOD poured down, and so what a wait, we headed home. Oh yeah, Chiam got herself a brand new haircut. Nice...but mine nicer...hehhe:)

so long ek?

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