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Thursday, 22 May 2008

Becoming a doctor? Is that what I totally want?

I have just read through an article posted by my friend in a forum. Its about the truth of the life of a soon-becoming doctor. It really has opens up my big eyes. I, for the last five minutes just now, realised that, WHAT A TOUGH EXPOSURE!!

Ok, let say I obtained flying colours result in my SPM. Then, been offered or qualified to enter medic school. Can u believe that for the first degree, I have to study for 5 to 7 years?? Its totally equivalent to the number of years studying in secondary school. What will I get if I succeeded to have my first medical degree? Well, I might be working in a hospital, a goverment hospitals with so many patients and people!! By that, my salary will be around RM 1500, if includung all the allowances, I might probably get RM 3000. I am not being materialistic here, but do u think RM 3000 will be enough and worth it for the exposures and tiredness a doctor has to take. Will RM 3000 worth like it worths now in the future? The time per day is 10 hours, no resting at all.

And before I forgot, if I want to really get a pHD, I will have to get back to university, whether locally or at overseas. And this time, I have to stuck with books for another 5-7 years. Exams will be always around the corner. If I failed in one semester, I might get expelled or suspended, or having to repeat back my studies. During semester breaks, according to my friend's post, medic students will not find themselves in hometown, instead, still in campus, running to libraries, staying at home and dorm trying to focus as the upcoming exam is sooner. There will be tonnes of assignments, and no more time to mint the enjoyable life of being a university student.

After the 5 years studying to get a phD, still, I who wanna be a doctor so much, will have to succumb to enormous-exposure job at goverment hospitals. Will I get high respects? The answer is well, YEAH, if I am an expert, or specialist in my career, but if I am just a typical doctor, I will be a loser. By the way, at this rate, my salary will be about rm 6000, well, thats not enough when come to compare with our grade as well as phD graduates who has yet being so succumb to excel in studies, do we as doctors want to get low paid salary? No!!! Besides, by this time, our friends, who studies enginnering would perhaps earning multiple million of ringgit, as well as having a big happy family, same goes with friends studying account, business and management, and others. WHile doctors, still using their old cars and old clothes plus no one to be loved, and love with. So pathetic.


malayneum said...

basic salary for fresh-graduate doctor is around RM2500. One time on-call is about RM100 per night. in a month can get up to RM4000 but its not worth all the hard and tired work :)

p/s : my sis is a doc so I know how she felt everyday.


nadenka ^^ beauclair a.k.a farah said...

well, actually.. it's not as hard as u think. As long as u love ur job, there's no big deal about the salary thing or even if u don't have enough rest.

The main thing is interest. Once u get interest and in love with ur job-gonna-be, nothing can get u rid away from it rite?

Me, as a dentist-gonna-be, I'm willing to face ANYTHING in front of me as long as I can be a Dentist! That's it!

So.... if u love ur job and u really wanna be a doctor, i believe, u'll do anything to succeed rite? So, think about it. Salary won't be a big problem. Doctor will get BIG salary at the end of the day. And love... lotsa doctor fall in love with each other. U can get one for urself so easy....

Got that? Just a few opinions that I thought.. :P

Nadia said...

doctors have boring sex lives. think about that

miranabila said...

if you wanna be a doctor, you must have the intention.
dayna, being a doctor is about helping the needy thus giving hopes to them. its a noble job. i once thnk about the wages and works.
well, this is the sacrifices.