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Tuesday, 27 May 2008

New Michael Jackson's song

well, last night I heard this weird urban song on the radio, by MJ. At first I thought it was Usher who sang that song, but at last, when I have a few thoughts, YUP! it is MJ.

OK, MJ is a pop KING. That is for sure. But how come he cant make up a new good song here. That song potrays how fool a man is in handling their responsibility as a PURE MAN. I am sorry to tell that I forgot the song's title. But, most of the lyrics uttered out, came like this:-

'sorry, but that kid is not my son'

see, this is a song which tell people that MJ actually has another son out of wedlock. And he refuses to take responsibility of becoming the kid's father. He tells people that the woman who gave birth to the baby is senile and also lying.

Well, for most of those Americans they might think there's nothing to brag about this song. But here in the EAST, people are sensitive to such issues. Most men dont wanna take the responsibility on their new born child. This is so serious. They just know how to do it, and then leave it like that, like eating a candy bar than throw away the wrapper. Hahaha.

So, its a very weird song, and very funny to hear too. Just on ur radio to XFRESH fm, and have an ear to the songs. HAHAHA.

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