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Friday, 20 February 2009


Well, I really don't know about Japanese, all I know is that, the teenagers in Japan are cool, and Japan has the greatest technology ever. And, what Japan has to do with my blabbering scene for today?

To tell the truth, my school will be attended by some high school Japanese students, I mean real Japanese students. I think this is a great opportunity to highlight my school as something 'cool', since this is one big occasion. The teachers are really going hectic and God knows how stress they are in conjunction with the event.

Back to my initial point. I had physical education at school today and we learn how to play hockey. Hockey needs a hockey stick and also the big rounded ball to play with. Cikgu Dzul demonstrated some of the techniques in handling the stick, pushing the ball forward, defencing as well as hitting the ball. I knew them all quite well except for the hitting part. T_T

Since I got them wrong many times, the teacher had to come personally and taught me one by one, starting from the way to hold the stick and etc. It was so embarrassing. Everyone was looking weirdly at me, I hate it!~ And, the worst part of all, was that, I won't be selected as one of the students to play with the Japanese students on the 6th March. The teacher went like this:

"Dayana ajar english je la kat budak Jepun tu"

It was humiliating like anything that is worse in the world. I hate that I am a soft boned. Argh!!~
Great teaching them fun....(*sigh*)

Why can the day be any better?

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