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Sunday, 15 February 2009

The Return

I could not describe how occupied I am right now. Being a 17 year old sucks. Haven't see the nice part of it. So what are my problems right now? (I am going to be really frank, since, I have nobody I can rely to and to tell these to)

#1 A problem with my studies. This is the first time I can't cope with something simple. Math and additional mathematics have become my worst subjects ever! My works were incomplete and were completely messy. Reasons: My head is full of nonsensical thoughts that basically intrude my profession in mathematics

#2 Leadership. What I learnt from being a leader is we have to face the fact that no leaders have friends. I mean actual friends. I have to say I have been isolated quite many of times, and many of my so-called friends haven't realise this. They never waited for me for the recess, they never waited for me for anything. In fact, I am so frustrated with my prefects friends. Never been in help and never wanted to show that they wanna help me.

#3 The Curious Case of the sleepy heady dayana. Yes, I have a sleeping disorder, and I frequently feeling sleepy at home, especially in my room. I tend to drink those thick espresso and yeah, suffering from a caffein problem the next morning. How am I going to continue living? Answer: Pray for a better life

#4 Activities? To tell the truth I entered public speaking competition this year and syarahan bahasa melayu (since the English category had been stopped) . So right now, I have to take good care of my voice so that I won't speak like a rockstar. Plus, for punlic speaking, haven't decide on my proper speech. Still waiting for this brain of mine to function.

#5 Just hate sports. My yellow team lost badly in the road run. I felt so down. Well, of course, I didn't manage to get some places in the event, but just capable of funding 1 point for the team. Hmm, I just hate sports, there are no unity whatsoever...

Above all, my current life is already a mess even though SPM is not that near. Pray me luck.

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