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Sunday, 8 February 2009

Lame old Kursus Kepemimpinan

Right, again I spent a complete-idiotic time at school yesterday. A complete 6 hours and 40 minutes, just to attend the Kursus Kepemimpinan or generally means Leadership Course. I woke up early like every morning, pray and went down to get somethings to be printed. Luckily, I was not out of ink, if not, I will be nuts! So, I only managed to get everything printed (just for the carta organisasi kelab matematik-math's club's organisation board)by 740 am, and have to get ready and take my bath so that I can be at school on time, which is at 8.30 am.

I didnt know what I did in the bathroom, maybe I was a bit cocky till I spent about 20 minutes just to get myself bathed. Damn me. So, yes like usual, I was late. At school, we had this streching thingy, not a very fun thing, and then straight to the hall, to listen to that long....talks. All about being a leader.

At 12 noon, my gang and I which comprised of myself, Amir, and Helmi together with two junior girls from the afternoon session sat down at the most comfy table in the canteen to get our job done. You have to believe me when I must admit, that we were the last to finish the chart. It was damn embarrassing. The chart was a complete mess, and the background was the ugliest I have ever seen. I am so frustrated, not only with my gang, but with myself. Perhaps, it was worst than last year.

Haih, nevertheless, Chiam did a great job with the PBSM's chart. It looked wonderful as it is. I hope PBSM won this time. Yeay!

So thats all for tonight. Man, my life is getting chaotic as ever. HELP!!~

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- solitary gurl - said...

PBSM punye chart mmg lawa, lg lawa drp last year chiam sorg je ke yg buat? bukan ke ari tu sy nmpak anne dgn aina buat skali? btw, good job..