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Friday, 6 February 2009

Majalah Sekolah Dah Dapat

Minggu ni Gila!!~ It was definitely crazy this whole week. This is all because of the participation of myself in the Kejohanan Badminton Tertutup MSSD starting from 2nd of Feb till 5th Feb at SJKC Sungai Chua, where I met my former frienf, Vignaa Prashant. However, I didnt get to *actually play the game*, and just came as the line judge (dont under estimate us), nevertheless, I was tired. Tired because it was hot, tired because it was so damn bored inside the hall (court).

I then went chaotic when there are damn so many homeworks piling on my table. I just managed to finish some of them, and I was glad that most of the teachers understood what I am going through.

As for tuition, I did attend it. But, too bad, I hate tuition. It was normal and tiring, and a waste of time. Baik belajar kat rumah. And, yeah, I already paid the fees, which cost me about RM110. Pretty catchy price huh? Well, what to do...

Yesterday, I went to the sport practice and ran a couple of distances. Again tiring, and my friends made fun of me, by doing this ''huuuuuuuuuuu" sound. Boo them!!

I was so happy since my senior Kak Mizah (Hamizah Johan) spent some time to see me. Yay! She was like childish like ever, but still a fun person to be with. And, I will be studying physics with her this very weekend. Yay!! (Without any cost *grin*)

Eh lupe pulak. And what about majalah sekolah (school magazine)? Well, the magazine was nothing but ordinary. Some pictures of mine suck and I hate them!! I blamed the uniform I was wearing. Still the blue prefect's uniform, and blue is not my colour thoroughly. T_T *SAD*

Tomorrow, there's a leadership course at school. Meh, sungguh malas ooo!!~And, I as always represent the Math Club, even though I really wish I could go for Badminton (best skit ada gang). Meh...nasib malang:( Whateverlaa..I really hope that Amir and Helmi could contribute to something...(I am going with the 2 geek boys)~~sorry for calling u guys this, u know, I am too frank....~~

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husna. said...

best x mjlh skola yg bru??
cantek x??
huhu..x sbar nk dpt mjlh skola.