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Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Days have been tough

Trees, Birds, Moon, and Stars why are my days turn into scars? Yeah, people, if you could see what my face is showing. It shows uncertainty, dimmed without sparks and zits all over because of prolong massive depression. It is maybe true. Allah loves me so much, and that's why HE is testing me this way. The only thing that I am capable of doing now is, flow with the wind just like the kites in the air.

I am sad. So sad. Take my words, I am sad that I can't go out of where I belong. My dream again vanished, and there's no one I could hold to, to mend a broken heart. There's nothing I can do, but just live for what destiny has showed me although life if not just accepting the destiny but choose the very best of it, but I just do not have that too many options.

In a few days to come, a farewell must be bid to dear President College. I will miss it dearly, I will surely remember the first day I stepped into the very place. Despite all the whining I uttered on the difficulties in lectures and tutorials, the lectures and on the spaces, I actually love it. 

Friends whom I feel like we have known each other for ages, are the ones I hardly leave. Not to mention Russian Class, Drasvih Dahniya! It's such a pity to not be able to learn more. Miss Renata, the Ruskee pryepadavatyel, was a lovely teacher, and all the best to her. 

How I wish my parents can afford me to go to Russia. How I wish I can convince them again. How I wish, this is a nightmare:|

Dream of doing my degree as fast as I could easily ruined. I hope I could stay calm and strong. Thanks for everyone, especially my friend F and agent. Dr Z and auntie Latifah for everything:) 

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