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Sunday, 16 May 2010


Do you guys know what is Lagha? Pronounce as 'LA-GHOR' actually refers to things or events or anything that can make you distracted, not focus and completely in your dream days. That's what I am having right now. Sad? Naaah...I don't think so. 

A week to go for an Internet Addict like me to stay in a hostel, to study like a mad dog because I really wanna be a doctor {* like I am telling you this for hundreds of time*} and because I am really scared that I fail. Failure is my number one enemy. I wish not to encounter it again. Please!

Being at home for a week is not a sweet leisure. It's a boring pleasure since I hate doing nothing, sitting watch t.v, doing housechores like sweeping the floor as I hate using the vacuum since it will sounded so awful and I can be more deaf in a second, so no vacuum, I also being so lazy to do the laundry, and yeah, I MUST do it manually starting next week :| Boo me!!

All I've been doing so that I can enjoy my short time 'break' is by being on the Internet like everyone else did. I know no one now can live without it. No computer is like having a malignant cancer, but no Internet is like having a brain seizure. Hahaha:D Seriously, I just notice how terrible my life is without updating stupid status in Facebook or posting nasty words on Tumblr, or to see any cyber friends to chat with, or to watch my favourite Grey's Anatomy on the free web. Life has got to be more interesting! 

And trust me, when you got overslept, and drooled while sleeping, it's not something to be bragged about. I just hate waking up early, which I have to make it a NOT, since I will encounter with 36 hours of sleeplessness later when I graduated. Being in hostel for approximately 8 months at Puncak Alam, will somehow educate me I think. No more being foolish, childish, lazy, and also selfish. I don't wanna this. Please! I am crying while typing this. I just hope those people miss me while I am not in their troop. I love you all Presconians!! 


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