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Saturday, 1 May 2010

The True Offer

Fine, it came at last for last year's SPM candidates. The universities calling unit had made it done for us, deciding, offering us a place in random universities around the country, to allow us to pursue our higher education. Is this a fun thing to brag about? We'll see...

It was Vignaa whom spread the news of the UPU, made me having this terrifying anxiety whatsoever. At night, about 10 pm, Aida sent me a text message, asking me whether I have check mine or vice versa. Congrats to her that she got UIAM:) Foundation in Medicine I think, which I really wanted it at first either, but no luck:(

Seeing Fahmi's post about his success in getting an offer from UM, arouse the envy feeling inside. He's been so lucky since the start. Sigh:( He could be a first class doctors or alike called if he studies at PASUM.Congratulation again from my behalf :)

No Kad Pengenalan / My Kad : 9206031054**

TAHNIAH! Anda telah berjaya ditawarkan program pengajian seperti berikut:
KOD : E0001

Okay, is this made it clear? Surprisingly, Nina also got UITM, which I don't think she will go. But, it will be wonderful if we can linger around in the campus together, like how we did in Presco for these couple of months. Besides that, Naqib got the same university and course, and other cyber friends from Klang. Haha, not to mention, most of the members from Malakat92, got UiTM as well.

Sadly, I am not even happier when I got this news. I was hoping high for UM or UIAM. They were my first choices, UiTM was the least I could hope for, not that UiTM is not as good as the other two, but it's medicine faculty is still a baby, and haven't yet produce medical doctors to the extend like how UM did. I was shattered, tears dropped (being an emo lately). I wanted UM and UIAM badly though. However, thank GOD he gave me this chance. Sorry for Chiam, for didn't make it, I know there's better opportunity for you after this, but I just couldn't predict the future for you nor I myself.

Now, the plan for Russia seemed like only 30%, my parents BADLY want me to go to UiTM, since it will be much cheaper, much MORE cheaper, than going abroad. See, money's issue came first, I told you money makes people happy. Great, now I am being materialistic:( Sigh:(. If only I have money on my OWN.

What I know for Asasi Sains UiTM, is that it comprises of  4 main subjects to be learnt, which are Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics, just like what I am learning in Presco it seems. The second thing I know, is to do medicine, I need to get a CGPA of a 4.00, which it will be a tough thing, need struggles again, after struggling in Presco. The main question popping, what IF I didn't attain the CGPA? Who will be helping me to pursue medicine after that? Will the people around tell me that "OH ni mesti tak belajar ni?" Is that it?

Another question is why I have to undergo this stupid, nasty situation that will teach me how to be matured, but at the same time giving me a blast in the head, and why it happens when I need to decide for my future. I know that somehow, GOD plans things for us, I know our path have been destined, but we have to choose the best for our lives? True or false? Oh, crap, I can't even think.

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Asfarina =) said...

ehey girl..chill~ :)
uitm is not too bad, its much better than mtrix.
last yer was the 1st batch for asasi uitm. my senior told me when he got the offer, "huh..uitm? x bes langsung! stret a dpt uitm je..;(" tapi last2 ok gak kat sane.
u jgn risau laa..lepak je. hehe surely, u'll adapt to the envrnment.

btw, ada lg masa fr u to make a right choice! istikharah2.