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Monday, 26 April 2010

A lot of Offers

At college I could just kept it shut, when my dear friends busily speaking about MARA. My silent was acknowledged by them, however, I could not answer to their question, why was I being silent? since I myself, didn't know the reason.

17th May, which is looming any second from now on, is the holy day when they will be answered. Succeed or Just not their luck. Everything surely has been written in destiny by GOD, and all I could do is of course wishing them good luck. But deep down inside, I feel very bad for knowing that they have the possibility in leaving, and setting me to be a lone ranger in college. Now, this is so emotional huh?
So, today, I went back home, and saw a pile of envelopes on the coffee table addressing to me. Excitingly tearing the envelope up, but sadly, they are again offers from colleges around here, and none actually can take me to pursue medicine. Sigh. I got a letter from Segi College offering nursing and others are like business, accounting, hospitality, and even sijil kemahiran Malaysia. Yeah, there's also an interview in Putrajaya for the diploma kemahiran whatsoever, which I don't think I will go. Sigh and sigh. Too many sighing could lesser down your life up to 5 years and I should be dead quick, with lesser sin, am I? 

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