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Monday, 3 May 2010

Deep Down Inside:)

The good news was Biology was rather fun today, since there's nothing so unusual for us kids to memorize things. Miss Jamie gave a lot of exercises on the crossing of genes thingy, like what we the science stream kids used to do during form 5. It was rather relaxing.

What made the day a torn was that, everyone was talking about universities. Like, you non-existence readers should know, I got a place for asasi sains in UiTM and so did Nina, a good friend. Aida whom actually got UIAM for asasi sains hayat would rather stop studying at Presco if she didn't get MARA. The same thing will be happening for Nina. Well as for me, I thought the date for registration will be on JULY 2010, but to my surprise it was on the 23rd MAY 2010!! Howdy cow! Stupid me! So this made the very specific conclusion that I won't be able to finish my foundation in Presco, which also mean, that it would be such a waste, since I PAID  a lot! D: Crap isn't it? Oh My God! Show me the right path::|

Now, what can I do? Stop studying? Russia? If I continue at Presco, mom had to pay a lot! First year in Russia with our own money and fund? Not that rich! Ah, I have made everyone in the family in dilemma. Finishing my M.D early is something that I wanted deep down inside, but when money talks, I just can keep it silent. Struggling my very best for UiTM? Hmmm....what now? Arghhh!!~ This is crazy!~

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