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Sunday, 31 October 2010

Scramble Eggs

Assalamualaikum every unreal followers. Saturday is a good day to sleep. Some fulfilled it with a walk with the love ones, some got errands to kick start, and I got nothing but a usual time off. Praise to Allah The Greatest Creator, for this easy going days HE gives me. Thanks for giving me this opportunity to be able to post something right here.

Yesterday, I accidentally break all the eggs that mom just bought. As a result, when I wake up, there was a bowl full of scramble eggs. And since the scramble eggs is better to be eaten while hot, it became sluggishly cold, and not tasty when we ate it for brunch. Yes, for short, I wake up at 12.00 p.m. T.T

I just read about the theory of conspiracy of the Jews, Freemason and what not from Kereta Mayat Blog. Hamka the author wrote it so long for a post, so I just took a short view at it. I knew, I had become rigidly quite obssessed by the videos of the divine book or the arrivals, and even almost completing the new one, PHASE 3. Stupid is what you can tell me. But, dont blame it on me. I was just bored. So bored, that I mostly sat in front of the computer and watching videos that intrigued me. 

Frankly, I didn't actually believe all that Hamka posted. I mean, it's up to us to believe and what not. For me, the Darwin theory is super annoying and misbelieve. Around the globe had been hypnotized by the theory that we as Humans originated from apes and monkeys. That is insulting as for me. I opt not to trust Darwin even how many proves he showed to the world. 

You know, after so many sources of reading that you can access in this modernity of the globalisation, you tend to be more annoyed by them. You can have those scrambled eggs thought about how this happen and vice versa. Maybe it's not my job to worry about the theory of conspiracy, about illumination, about Lady Gaga as Lucifer's worshipper and what not, till I became outrageously scared of watching Gossip Girl and even Glee for example. But too much reading, too much viewing is too a disease. Alas, we cannot even trust bookstores for dealing the books that we thought could broaden our views and minds. All we can trust is Quran. As for me, I tried to understand the translation, and I tried to ask God for what is behind those translation but I couldn't. Perhaps, those who knew Arabic is lucky. But, how many of them who really cares for what the Quran contents?

What we can now do, is just be silent if we have nothing to be shared. Silentness is a key for those who are not knowledgeable enough to prove things, or to have a stand for things he or she voices out. People nowadays kept looking for proves and that is not something to be blamed as we have been gifted the feeling of curiosity from within. 

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