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Sunday, 17 October 2010

It Died

My kittens never got a long life. So far, as I remembered, I owned almost 12 kittens given birth by my cat named Lopek. But, the kittens, some died, some lost to nowhere, and it left with one. That very last one is special, her name was Kecik. Kecik was a distorted kitten according to my sister, since she has not grown big after months she was born. However, she was fun to play with, very active and very smart. She liked to play with my toes, and sleeping inside my shoes. Apparently, she just loved the scent of my feet. Hahaha:D

kecik and its twin once upon a time:(
Yesterday, before heading to Shah Alam, for my grandaunt's feast, she seemed fine and healthy. Running around us, and making the "pity" faces that always make me melt. She was a joy for me, when breaks come. I can play with her all the time, and pamper her as if she was a baby human. She was also unfortunate, when her own mother disowned her. Well, I guess when a cat went pregnant, she will definitely forget her old kitten, rather seeing it as her rival.

Well, when we got back at around 11 p.m, Kecik, was half conscious. She will usually started to purr, when she saw us. She mostly would walk around our feet, till we cannot even move. When we called her name, she quickly responded, but yesterday it was odd. She sat in front of our door quietly. When we approached her, she didn't purr like she always did. She looked at me, with those sad brown eyes. She didn't even move a bit. We thought she was just tired, but it didn't make any sense. She was never sleepy, she liked to be all awake and run here and there, scratching her body and play all around. Everything can be her toy. She was a super kitten that I love the most.

Until....this morning, at around 8, my dad woke me up from a beautiful sleep. He said, "Get up! Kecik is gone!". All of us, hurried down. Seeing her lying unconsciously was terrifying. Her arm was broken, maybe that was why she hid it the night before and could not move. My sister then told us, that she can see Kecik's heartbeat, but, when we checked again, it's true, it was confirmed, that she has gone forever. My dad took the hoe, and took away her ceased to be buried next to our home. It was sad. Now, when ever I would wake up again, no more purring of cuteness would be heard. No more Kecik to bother me hanging clothes outside. No more Kecik whom would jump inside my mom's car just to play with us. And no more of her to pamper and just to take care off. 

I hate to know that Kecik has gone....but that's life. Gonna get new kittens soon after Lopek gives birth. Hahaha:D But none could replace Kecik.

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