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Thursday, 14 October 2010

Ingenious and Real Life won't separate

Reading the story of a real genius guy on last Sunday definitely gave me a sense of boost to just live. 

Have you ever heard of Kim Ung-Yong? If you haven't, you should be surprise. This is because he was once a human, with the highest Intelligence Quotient (IQ) rating to about 210. And, that is by far, very-very intriguing. 

In the story posted in The Star, Kim said he was famous during the 60's when he discovered to have an IQ of 210 and being able to solve intricate math equations at the age of four. He was once our Adi Putra, with those difficult, and dying equation of numbers bugging in his head.

Mr Kim here now, merely approaching his 50's, was once hired by NASA at the age of eight. Can you imagine how incredible that was? By eight, he already is a big thing for a wholesome wonderful association. He worked 10 years for NASA, which soon after he got bored, describing his life as a monkey in a zoo. Everyday, he would be given equations to be solved, eat and sleep. He had no life to such an extent that he became a loner. Longing of having his mother besides him, he made up his mind to return to Korea, the place called 'HOME'.

Well, but since he was very famous, the media covered his returned. He hates the attentions till he once tried to avoid them by cooped up in his room. Isolation of himself from public, noted him as schizophrenic. At the same time, Kim wanted to get a job. However, to do that in Korea, he needed elementary, middle, and high school diplomas. Too bad for him, for not having all of those, he had to start it all over from zero. It might seemed sad, for an intelligent and genius person like him to endure such a thing, but he had proven that it was not pathetic. 

He did what he wanted to do for all of his life. He said, at school he lived his freshmen year as an elementary school kid, his sophomore year as a middle schooler, his junior year as a high school student and spent his senior year like any other normal college kid. That he considered as a success as well as a happy life. He led a happy life the way he wanted. 

Even though, he might had succeed to avoid being attacked by the media in the past, Kim was again hunted by them when a story of a nine year old kid entering college became hot in market. Many reports back then, mentioned him as a 'failing model'. The reports claimed that the boy should not ended his life the way he did. Kim was disappointed by the media. 
He was a bright kid, now leading a happy life as a normal man.

People these days are being too obsessed by the term IQ. As for him, he said:

Once a diamond, born with special talent in solving intricate equations-he is Kim Ung Yong

"Some people think people with a high IQ can be omnipotent, but that's not true. Look at me, I don't have musical talent, nor am I excelling in sports."

A high IQ is just another spectrum of human talent. He is just good in that very small spectrum of talent, that is concentrating in mathematics. Plus, according to him, having such a high IQ, does not necessarily mean one could have imperishable memories. Kim used to speak in four different languages, which were French, German, Japanese and English, but now, the fluency vanished. He might could brush them up, and speak a bit, but they might turned out rusty. 

One thing that society has to learn from his story is that:

"Society should not judge anyone with unilateral standards-everyone has different learning levels, hopes, dreams, and talents, so we should respect that"

The holder of the world's highest IQ of 210 in the Guinness Book of Records. Now, he is working in a business planning department at Changbuk Development Corporation. -Kim Ung Yong

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