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Thursday, 14 October 2010

M.U.E.T and Miscellaneous

Ops, I think I forgot how to spell the word miscellaneous? Or was it correct? What ever, but it feels great of being back typing something here, even though it isn't that important to be blogged. 

M.U.E.T is over for speaking session. Hooray! The fearsome of all tasks is now a history. I got the earliest session which was held on last Tuesday, at 11 a.m. Mine occurred at dear Maahad Hamidiah, the famous agama school in the district. Whilst, many of my former schoolmates, got the old SMK Kajang Utama as the venue, mine was quite far from home. Plus, no one I know get the same place as mine. But, that was not so important. 

I was in Group 2, with another 2 male candidates and another female candidate. Making my group, a balance one. I was candidate D by the way, the last to speak. Heart was pounding tremendously like usually when it comes to spontaneous speaking. I don't quite remember when was the last time I ever speak English to a real person in a real situation. Wohoo. And that is mainly the reason why I should be cold feet with the test. The topic for that day was 'how to reduce disciplinary problem in schools'. And I had to elaborate on 'implementing a mentor programme'. At first, when I saw what the point that I need to elaborate, my mind suddenly stopped. My eyes were glancing at other candidates. Shoot! I can't think of anything to start up with. The butterflies inside my stomach were dancing not with grace but with vigorous. I was like OMY I am doomed!!

Then, we were given 2 minutes to jot down our important sub points for the main points we had for task A. Everyone was in hurry. The guy besides me was so relaxed, meanwhile the guy in front of me kept looking at me. Short after that, I recalled that I too, had, undergo this mentor programme, while in school. I was in the prefects board, and I was a mentor for young prefects for three consecutive years. I should know how this work. So, I jot down everything that popped out my head. 
Soon, the 2 minutes were up, Candidate A started to speak. Then the other two candidates, before mine. When it came to my turn, I greeted the others, and speak. Just speak, and the funny part was, I can't quite ring the bell what I was trying to say. Suddenly, my 2 minutes ended just like that. Hahaha. But, I think I did put my elaboration at the right place. If not, I am a dead meat.

Not long, Task B started. It was rather fun. I wanted to start the discussion when candidate C ruined my plan. Ok, I sighed down in my little heart. I was again the last candidate to give my opinion, and I was also the one who make it to a conclusion. It was rather hard to 'fight' with this one girl who happened to be a TESL student. You can actually imagine, how good she was. I felt belittled a bit. 

Despite all those, terrifying moments, or was it terrifying? And despite those points I didn't elaborate because I did not have time to, I definitely think, it went out to be smoother than I ever thought it would. No need to justify how sad I am when I didn't really show my very best, it's time to move on. And next session will be writing, reading and listening. Those will be on the upcoming 13th November! Long way to go! 

>>>>>p/s: Why must she nagged of how expensive my laptop was? Now, I feel down for burdening her pocket!


aQies said...

dayana, your topic is quite easy but i guess maybe of our nervousness and very short time provided, it restricted us from gvng the best :( lets score the other three :)

dayanaazhar:) said...

haha, perhaps the time limit is what make the speaking session turned horrid. yes! Now focusing on the other three!