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Monday, 18 October 2010

Holidays and lame stories.

Holidays are almost reaching it's forth week. Or does it already reaching the forth week? What ever. Just wishing to enjoy the holiday and have a really true break because who knows what might came up for the upcoming semester 2.

Some friends keep bugging how they miss our campus, Puncak Alam. I on the other hand, do not feel a thing. I do not feel a slight "miss" for the place. What kept on popping inside my head right now is to be fit in order to climb up and down the deathly staircase. To be fit is a must, so I started my daily exercise every morning starting today. It was a bliss even though, the fresh air might have been deteriorating due to the new upcoming urbanization going on. Next years to come, Kajang will greet all of you the brand new Kajang 2. And I bet only those richies would end up living there since one house is expected to be sold at around RM 2 million. Dare to live here? how do you define them? My holidays would be days that no one dare to annoy me since I would not pick up any calls, days that I would love to spend time the most with my laptop and the bed, days that I can wear pyjamas the whole day, days when I can watch as many as soap operas I wanted, days that I was asked to do house chores, days that I would eat nasi bungkus and thats all I can say. Grip a life! But what to do, this is life!

My mother pitied me for having a passport but not going anywhere. What's the purpose of renewing a passport, which would last for at least 5 years, but just staying here, enduring boredom? Someone has to tell me! Perhaps, I should blame myself for not being able to complete my driving lessons like other friends did. If I completed it early, I won't be home probably, rather I would be out enjoying the scenes all over Malaysia. I was too emotional during those driving lessons and ending up, messing things around with the instructor. Hahaha. Plus, I despise going to Broga for that particular reason. The place is shoot hot and you can starve while waiting. Not to mention, the clerks are slowpokes. Making I double up the feeling of hatred towards the place.

Now, I am pissed off, that's why most of my posts are all about my whining. Blogging released them out of the brain, at least temporary. But, that's good right? Mom was having this plan on going for Umrah this upcoming winter. Sadly, I could not make up my mind yet since it would be on December which I might already still having classes at college. Of course, who would not want to go for a trip like Umrah, plus the whole family is going to join it? My dad on the other hand, disagreed. Like always, he does not like vacationing that far, as for him, it costs a lot, so when it costs a lot, it would be a waste. Sometimes I wonder what make him that boring. He changed a lot after getting older. When others like sight seeing when they reach the golden age, my dad is otherwise. All he likes doing is gardening, doing religious stuff at nearby mosque, friends with those old uncles in neighborhood and listen to rumors about how bad the government is as well as arguing about just anything with me and my little sister. He listened just too much about others' perception and ideas. And, that's just plainly boring.

Sometimes, I wonder why this is happening. Being in boredom will always lie inside of me. Nothing gonna change if I stayed here. In other words, I hate being in my shoes. That's why all tense and stresses never got away. 

>>>p/s: Facebook is dead. Viruses are everywhere. I can't do anything including commenting, status posting and liking any others' posts. Sorry for those malicious links that you found prior to my account, I didn't mean to spread them. Thanks. 

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