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Thursday, 21 October 2010

Einstein Syndrome: You Need NO WORRY

Last raya was enjoyable, because it's the bestest time when every one, well at least ALMOST everyone in the family could just come by, gathering around, telling jokes, laugh non-stop and eat together as families. Not to mention having little kids around or better I say the new generations of my family around, making me wonder how fun and interesting it is to be surrounded by unity and love. That's what people really needs : LOVE. Tell people the four words and 8 letters, I LOVE YOU and trust me, you will be living longer. 

I have many nieces and nephews, but not that they are my elder brother's or elder sister's sons or daughters. Rather, they are my cousins' children. My eldest nephew is around 10 years old, I think and the youngest probably about 7 months old, and it's a girl.

My cousin called Sis Akmal, just given birth to a baby girl named Nina (the one I mentioned to be now 7 months old). Unfortunately, like any mother who will be proud to embrace motherhood, after seeing how beautiful and perfect their babies are, my cousin was half way there. What I knew was, her baby wasn't normal. She was so tiny, and she looked weak. Many who saw her, could directly said that the baby is ill. One day, during the first day of Raya 2010, sis Kemal sat next to me, who was busy playing with her baby. It was at my grand aunt's house. She was happy to see her baby playing with me.

Then she started a conversation, that I myself didn't expect her to say.

Sis : Dena, do you see anything wrong with Nina?

Me: Of course not, she looks just fine. 

Sis: But, are you sure? Paediatrician said, she has down syndrome. 

Me: It can't be. She looks fine. ( I hid my thought. The baby did reflected a down syndrome characteristic, I can see it from her eyes)

Sis: I don't know. Plus, the other doctor I sought, said that it was nothing. I need no worry. Now, I am confused. But, the paediatrician that I went to, said that Nina probably has Einstein Syndrome. What's that?

Me: I think, you should't worry that much. I am sure it's going to be fine. (and Dr House was right afterall, everybody lies)

And the conversation stopped. I admit, yes, if I see the baby at first glance, I too would say that she has down syndrome. My aunt tried to go positive by telling us that it's the baby's father who looks like that. But, still, poor sis Akmal. She had gone through a lot, and I don't want her to feel bad for having a special kid. 

That was basically like 2 months ago. What I knew now, is Nina has grown, and turned up to be a solid kid, a plump baby and cutest as ever. Then, I came to realise, what is Einstein Syndrome by the way? Easy: just get the web heats up!

Among most of the articles I had gone through, Einstein Syndrome is still a type of a down syndrome, causing by the extra 21 chromosomes presence in the child's DNA. The name of this syndrome is given after the late world-known genius of the centuries: Albert Einstein. And, there's a reason behind the naming. Many thoughts, that down syndrome often revolves around developmental capabilities. Yes, it's true that most people encountering this syndrome might have a slow development of their brains, they might grow up physically well but mentally distorted as well having problems with their eyes. Einstein Syndrome, is still the same thing, it is a syndrome where a child with who are born with it, having complications in talking , but the main difference is that, the child can be mentally intelligent at other spectrum of talent. Just like the late Einstein, who was born with difficulties to communicate. Researchers said that he was not able to speak correctly until the age of 5 as well as being labelled as an idiot except for his wonderful expertise and talent in solving intricate mathematical equations. Even Newton who is the pioneer of the law of gravity possessed this syndrome, of being an autistic, but in the end look at both of them who have contributed a lot to the field of Sciences.

Albert Einstein was a slow child but he was a genius for centuries.

I recommend this book to parents who might have the same problem like my cousin. Remember: Every child is different and special.

One thing for sure, Einstein syndrome is a unique syndrome. It is because, people having the syndrome, are actually bright and intelligent, only that they progressed slower in speech capabilities. Maybe they cannot speak well like any other kids. Probably they will not have talent to become lecturers and probably they cannot grow to be a singer, but trust me, amidst the difficulties that they might have to endure during infancy and adolescence, they are going to in the spotlight of the world of intelligence soon during they are growing up. Many cases have proven that these kids having this syndrome, generally turn into an incredible computer programmer and a great musician. In short, we can conclude that these syndrome is all about bright kids who talk late. Eh, before I forgot, this syndrome often occurr to boys, and no wonder why great intelligent people are men instead of women. 

So, as for the case of my cousin. I don't think she has to put the tense up that high. Her kid might be a slowpoke in terms of speaking but she will definitely turn into a bright kid. InsyaALLAH. 

>>>p/s: behind all the complications that Allah makes us to have: just remember to ALWAYS put HIM in the priority of remembrance, pray hard and don't give up. Coz' what happens have their reasons, silver linings behind those thunders<<<

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