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Saturday, 23 October 2010


I would say my life is 'buried' under some ashes, where I could still see light penetrating through the empty spaces, but, I just wish it brings me more of something called 'inspiration'.

Did'nt I tell you how cosy it was at the Alamanda Cineplex? I mean, before this, I thought Midvalley's was the most comfortable and beautiful cinema, now, after seeing how it looks like at Alamanda, it just amazed me. Maybe because it was friday, and not so many people came to have watch movies.

Today was unplanned. It was like any usual cosy Friday, and all I like to do on Friday is sleep and not stressing my self out. But, Huda text me just on a sudden, at around 1 p.m, asking for Maryam's number, and soon after that, not realising, that she also got an off from classes. The three of us, then headed to Alamanda for a movie, and without deciding on any movie to watch.

On the car, where Huda was the driver, decided to watch Buried. Of course, we had seen the trailers and what not on the television, but yeah I didn't expect to watch it at the first place. Haha, nonetheless, I myself, and Maryam were clueless, so we just gave Buried a shot.

The movie started by making us the viewers perplexed. The screen went dark for like 10 minutes, without any sound, making us thought that something was going wrong. Suddenly, Ryan Reynolds appeared, with a cloth in his mouth, and hands tied up. He was Buried. In a wooden coffin, meters down in Earth. Well, the movie was just like watching a Youtube video seeing someone trying to get out of a coffin buried down in earth. The best part of all was that, Ryan Reynolds or named as Paul Conroy, was given a handphone, two lamps, a note of I don't know of what reason until the end of it.

Alas, what could I say, you guys have to watch it. Yeah, for me, Buried was not something that you MUST go and see, it's not that spectacular, but it just brought back those sorority of venge between Islam and the US. Paul Conroy, a man, who went to work in Iraq as a truck driver (well, mentioned as not a soldier, but as one of the US citizens trying to 'rebuild' the country). He was made into a hostage, by buried alive in a wooden box/coffin, deep down in Earth. In order to escape, he was given a cellphone, and it seemed illogic because the phone he had was 'blackberry' and the movie was set up in 2006? Do you think in 2006 we have phones looking like Black Berry? I am not that sure though. He was also given two lamps, notes, a hand knife and yeah, the second appearance was a black snake you know, to arouse the panic and frighten among the viewers. Go see it, go see how scarying it was to be a hostage, being blackmailed that your family will 'show blood' if you 'don't show blood'. Go see how, a hostage like him, penniless like him, is nothing but trouble for the government, well, the bad one asked for a million of dollar, and would the government gives that much to save someone like Paul Conroy? After all, it's all a mind game: Islam bad, they are good? See it for yourself then:D

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