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Sunday, 24 October 2010

Mother of 7 girls.

For the past couple of weeks, followers of my blog kept decreasing, from 48 to 46. It's devastating, well at least by seeing so many people actually following your blog would rouse the feeling of eagerness to post something. hahaha:D Now, guess like my 'popularity' has faded...

It's so good to know, that Zaki Anwar finally has a blog. It's new, and it's called Warkah Buatmu, to those 8000 km away from him. The first tryout was great, but I just wish there could be more photos of his life in Russia. Plus, I hope he makes a continuous effort, because, there are so many cool blogs out there, but after some while they would become dead, which is kind of disappointing. I still remember sitting next to Zaki in the library while in College, where he did told me he has so many things to blog about, but, he has just no time for it. Now, he's in the club...and a warmth welcome would I salute to him.

Now, move on to my story. Mom kept reminding me how near is it, for the time to get back to college. I am so grateful, that we didn't have to pack our stuff out, since we all get to stay in the same room for the next semester. Unlike, foundation in TESL students, who have to pack out everything, and register for new college by next month. I must say, that my room should be looking so sluggish by now with ants everywhere especially on the desk.

Mom of 7 girls is the title for myself actually. After being given the title of the 'Head of House' by my fellow 7 housemates, I genuinely and automatically have become their mother. They called me MOM, basically because I look like a 'mother' and matured than the rest of them. My housemates, when they bumped into me, in the lift, or at campus, would called me."HEY MAK!" and yeah, sounded embarrassing, but towards the end, it is fun, for having tagged as someone.

My 7 girls are just great, well even though I have tough time to get along with my roommate, but in the end, it's still is great. Ira is a funny girl came from Klang, one of my two housemates who owns an Iphone, and got a boyfriend. She's so open minded, and made a Facebook account by using their "daughter's" name. See, they haven't got married, but already came in with the name and it's so hilarious. I mostly like Room D's girls, because they are so fun to be with. Watching movies must be with Room B's girls, Huda and Ema. Huda got this very tall special guy, whom she doesn't like to call her boyfriend, but I kept seeing them together both, at cafe, during ramadan at the bazar, ahahhaha, and not to mention, skyping with each other almost every night.

Yeah, less than a month and I will continue my job as their mom. What a life!

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