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Tuesday, 4 March 2008

sakit tengkuk

life on tuesday was a pleasant
teachers were absent..a YAY!! for us KIDS included me...
I took my time memorizing my speech
still cant do the pronunciation properly..=.=

Suddenly, I hurt my tengkuk...
I can't move it...damn it...
I think its due to my stresses or salah bantal...duh...

Tomorrow, Pn Azlina wanna see me speak
It is a bad thing coz I am so not a hundred percent ready
This year is tough yeah I know..
Nevertheless, I wont give up..thats for sure

Give me some hot oil to put on my tengkuk
or even better if I have someone to put it on for me
which is an impossible thing

I am currently waiting for a person
whom I think wont be here for long
coz of boredom
nevermind....I realize something
That I am a person who seek for love
However, it cant be real
coz I am nobody +.+
I just have to seek love that is eternal

which is the love of GOD

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