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Friday, 7 March 2008

Over people its over!

Dear bloggy,

Today I am gonna write down abt my love life which has been reversed into just friends. It is exactly four months, of our anniversary, and he gave me the"best" gift ever, tht is a frank confession.

He who u know, is the person called MR X. Dont be mad at him, coz from the bottom of my heart I still love him no matter what. Just that he as a humanbeing, is just weak and a bit dumb. He rejected me. He said he just have a friends feeling toward me, and no more thn that.

Ah. what can I do people? No one will truly like me, I am just a puppet who they can seek for an ear or an eye. Seems like all my praisings toward him are meaningless. And what I have jot down about him in this blog will only be memories that I have to let them fade.

Being friends? This is what he wants. Just like him and aina, and firdaus and him. Sure....I dont see a why not T_T. This is somehow embarrassing. I was being fooled all this while. And I let myself being fooled, also my friend said I was dumb.

Now, I realize, loving someone is a torture. I mean loving someone special. Also, being rejected is hurting the heart. The confession I made was a terrible mistake. A zero mark for that. And the morning walks, are just a fairytale, plus the worst thing I've done.

Let us now together, stop loving someone, or you'll ended up like me. Tortured alone in solitary, my brain is damaged, and my heart is scattered by the blood tht running tiredless. I am Dayana, and I am so hurt. Thank you for reading.....

~~~~~~~~the love chapter of mine has now been closed~~~~~~~

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