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Saturday, 22 March 2008


masyaALLAH, how I am now grateful that I am sooner to become a woman. Islam is a noble religion which emphasis more on women. Allah loves us women. why? LETS take a look at the reasons below:

~women, whom are still bachelorettes dont have to hold to her sins. the sins will be hold by her father. so go, with little girls.

~meanwhile women, whom are married, their sins are hold by their husbands.

~women are been given with an ability to carry their child in their womb for six months. and the painfulness while giving birth are remarkable.

~women have their some time when they dont need to perform prayers. or often known as menstrual periods. do men have this ?

~women can easily go to heaven if they follow and practice these:

-prayer 5 times a day without miss
-loyal to husband if they are married
-fasting during ramadhan
-be loyal and nice to parents.

see people, how we as women have such an honour position in the eyes of ISLAM
so, why do we have to do certain things which can bring us to murtad?
so, why did certain girls these days are willing to convert to other religion, although they already an Islam?
Allah loves us all
and HE loves women and thats why we all have to have respect toward women...
think about it friends...

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eL Magnifico said...

moga2 Allah bukak hati woman2 untuk menutup aurat,kurang pergaulan bebas..,kapel..