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Friday, 21 March 2008

LAST DAY~ before off forever after.

alrite, friday came sooner as i expected
at skul, luckily, pn suzita the physics teacher was MC, well she is 2 months pregnant.
i was so glad, like, "ah..nasib baik aku hari ni!"
everyone was happy, nina was overjoyed.
and at SP class, it was fun, we got to see the last year's 5 amanah's students scores for SPM, Valerie Diandra Quah was super genius, she obtained 11 A1's...envy her for that..
let beat her!!
man, the malay students at my skul, I dont know how to describe them, but most of them just got 7D, B3, it somehow, not a very good news to us malays...

next tuesday there will be a drama competition at skul
and I am the lead actress..hahah:D no laa...! I am just the time keeper, thanks Pn Thava for this
I have to prepare the number again...awww..
baru ingat nak ponteng hari selasa, so x leh laa nampak nyer.

and BAD NEWS, i have to sit at the very back of the class, during exams next week..ahrg!!!!!
kick pn thava for this
and kick azmin (hate him)..dont know why i hate him, just sometimes we tend to hate peple without reasons.

and asma HAD GO AWAY
WE'LL miss UR jokes..

ustazah ameenah gave me her pitiful face...ah...again!!
azeem...sombong je:( (frankly)
huda.....(x dtg je)
mimi....(lawak giler)
chiam....(too serious)
aliya asyiqin.....(busy)

gtg to class...
chiam will kick me if i am not there.
kena study!! beb


Anonymous said...

Malays r not stupid.Can't you see last year spm candidate(malay boy)scored 21 A1.Maybe malays in your school(the smarter ones went off to mrsm/sbp),then just the less smarter stay.

eL Magnifico said...

Hidup Melayu!!hehe