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Thursday, 20 March 2008

The new Chiam and HUDA

these are the names of my two best bestie
coincidencely, both of them bought the same model of SONY E phone
the colour is the same they re twins perhaps.

~often call me as BABe I was so shocked!!
~I feel weird when she consoled me with the word "babe"
~she is now MY LOYAL buddy, can u believe that she actually accompanied me during the maulud nabi at the surau this morning? man..she is so nice sweet..aww...

~A good listener.
~still my best one
~a good pillow? her..when can i hang out at ur place???

before I forgot
here is something
the reason why the biggest possibility why I wasnt accepted to MRSM
is because the teacher didnt see my letter which I put on her table 3 weeks ago.
OMG!! she thought I didnt sent my letter as I dont wannamove out.

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