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Tuesday, 18 March 2008


what a luck?
those pledging letters are worthless.
no more intakes
no more offers.
stay in Kajang Utama School.

"its okay dayana, you can succeed too if u stay here, just need efforts", a word from my friends, and also teachers.

i saw their pitifulness eyes toward me. How they see me with such a pityful sympathy face. I feel awkward. And I just dont see why I should cry on this matter. As what bygones let it be gones forever!

what I need now, is occupying myself, with revision, no need to think about others, just be selfish. I am just tired of being that nice girl who love someone and help somebody, but in the end I am the one who suffers. I will act up as a strong-willed person.

Asma Amalina, exBBF, well she got an offered to MRSM, congratulations to her...>_<

Just I will stop hoping

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Fit said...

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take a look at it

well my dear dayan, takkesah la dapat ke tak. u still no satu kat sekolah :)