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Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Thanks to these noble people..

The hurt is still bleeding like the Victorian Waterfall. However, I am a bit glad because I have some wonderful people around me, who kinda understand as well as knew how I felt. These persons are:

~My bestest buddy Nurul Huda, thanks for understanding, thanks for everything.

~Aliya Asyiqin, the most matured girl I've met so far, I should have listen to her advices

~Naqib, I dont know him much, however, he knew how I felt, thanks God he listened, and he is also an expert in add math, physic and chemist.

~Danial, a junior, who is smart, he adored me, thanks for that, thanks for listening too

~My sister, although she is still 12, she is a very good friend, the one and only humanbeing wgo I can talk to in the house

~Chiam win nee, hasnt do much, but I am glad I ve her.

thats all...thank guys. May God bless u all...

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