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Thursday, 13 March 2008

Kampung ....!!X)

Tomorrow morning according to my mum, my family and I will leave Kajang (our home) to Sg Petani, Kedah. It will be so devastatingly boring withput you guys here. I wish i can bring along my friends but that is impossible.

I've just returned from Aliya's house, to pick up the muffins I ordered recently. Yes, the muffins are marvellous and so moist, thanks Aliya u can open up a bakery. I will be your regular customer. By the way, I think I have done all my homeworks. Man, they are jumble up, books are everywhere, and some of them are missing like my Rumusan book. I am so not discipline this year.

Bukit Kepong is the novel which my teacher asked us KIDS including me to read up this holiday. Well, sad to say I ve been spending my holidays stupidly, like being online for such a long hour, watching tv, blogging, crying, writing, calculating, eating, sleeping, singing..and much much more.

Hope that the wedding will be fabulous. Mum will give the muffins to the guests I think. So, avalavista baby..cherish your day with ALL DAY HAPPINESS...GO OUT HAVE SOME FUN...

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