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Saturday, 8 March 2008

Mari Mengundi!

Today is the day, general election!! If I can vote, surely my choice would be Barisan Nasional, the one with a blue flag and white "dacing".
People can see obviously, how BN has change the country from a small and peace into a small, peace and MAJU!!! (advance).
Ok, my mom doesnt even get ready for the general election, she is now here, busy preparing lunch as family from Kedah will arrive in hours or so. My dad already out to vote, and he will not vote for BN, a sad part T_T
Nothing more than study thats what I did since I woke up this morning. Day is so bright but not so hot, a fanstastic day to go out for a holiday! Haiz..just I am here no mood. Being online writng nonsense crappy stories in my blog and also waiting for friends to chat with.
Before I forget, I also help my mom to do the cutting just now. I have improved, which is a yay! for me. and we chatted a bit, I told her how unlucky I was in these recent days. She said I should be grateful for what I've got and not be a cry baby. I have friends with me, but somehow, I feel empty, still empty....only huda, who cares a lot, she called me last night asking how's life, and as you know its been tough.
The silhoutte of my happiness has came to end. And i was hoping it will last at least a year, but we plan but GOD decides. I feel boring this holiday, not like last month. Catching up with studies with such a head-brain that filled with probs just dont work. I am in solitary, and I listen to what ever people kept telling me....

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Fit said...


boo-oo BN!

ppl changed
world has changed
baguslah bn kalah
byk rasuah
let this thing teach them how to opperate more effective
go go pembangkang!