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Friday, 7 March 2008

food tht i dislike!

makanan yang PALING DIBENCI oleh dayana azhar...

1. asam pedas. a no-way, x sedap langsung
2. sup bayam oh God, my dad made this everyday last year.
3. fried fish, hate it!!
4. mee kuah....pls MOM! dont ever cook this again
5. asam laksa. no good
6. pizza with cheesy crust ( ada cheese in the crust)...pls dont !!!
7. chicken curry
8. acar buah....
9. budu...tak pernah dan TAK MAHU
10. kuih badak....
11. nasi tomato...
12. ikan keli....(gross, looks like snake)
13. raw salad of cabbages, carrots and some lemon juice.


Anonymous said...

mee kuah o.O
guano tu??

btw, pizza with cheesy crust wat milah rasa muak >.<

- solitary gurl - said...

u hate salad?? hey, i luv salad with cabbages, carrots and some lemon juice..yummy!

jAmbU_jAm said...

u'rE jUSt lIKe mE..

i hATe aLL oF it..
eXcEpt 4 nMBEr 6..

i lOVE cHEzE..

sAy cHEEsE.........

Anonymous said...

u'rE jUst liKE mE..
i hAte all OF it..
eXcEpt 4 nMBR 6..

2 poWN dNial xsKE....