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Friday, 31 December 2010

Farewell 2010

I am afraid that probably I won't be making to post my last story for this year, so better make it now. Olla peeps, looks like we finally almost reach to the end of 2010, which sort of giving us a new spirit for what are coming for the year 2011 and also giving us the feeling of despair of losing those great memories that 2010 had been carved into our heads. 

In three days, bye New Year holidays and hello new year 2011 at Puncak Alam, the college. Probably, things would just stay the same, with some minor differences here and there but I assume things won't be bad. Last night, I watched a sitcom which I forgot what it's called. The sitcom showed a couple whom went shopping for New Year's things but being tangled with some difficulties along the way, causing them to mutter about just everything; traffic jam, crowds and also the heavy snow. Then the husband, accidentally dropped his blended lemon drink onto a wheel-chaired man. He apologized and tried to clean the mess he did. But, the wheel-chaired man seemed so relaxed and always putting a smile on his face. He said that he didn't care even though his pants were wet, because he was so happy that he had a family who loves him and a country to live in and still having his life stood on for chances that he wouldn't even know. The husband who was perplexed seeing a man so calm, asked him, how can he be that patient? The wheel-chaired man said, I put on a rubber band on my wrist, and every time I felt like going to be mad, I would snap my wrist and everything would feel positive. At the end of their conversation, the Husband went by saying HAVE A GREAT DAY to the wheel-chaired man, but the man turned back and replied::

"OH no. We don't have a great day. It should be us who MAKE OUR DAY GREAT". 

The same sentence I heard from dear friend whom I miss and adore a lot. We are the one who can make our days great, not just by wishing the day to be great it self. It all comes from our own mind and thoughts. So people, muttering and whining is not illegal for us humans. Because we are weak after all, and we mutter just to express the bad things happening to us, but just do the best to make ourself great and the days we are passing by great as well.

As for me, I would miss all the things that I went through for 2010. A lot of people have I met in coincidently, and be friend with a lot of amazing human beings in the fight and journey of adulthood. Calvin Charles once told me that I am lucky. Lucky in the sense that I was given the opportunity to attend college earlier than others would, even though failed to end it. There, I learn so many things and met a lot of people that I now can add into my networking of life. And, again, I am now in UiTM, where I hated it at the first place but tend to fond with it after having so many friends and comrades who been there everytime you needed them. The saddest part of 2010 was when my dear friend, Chiam Win Nee died tragically due to asthma. It was shocking up till now, and hard for me to stand that I lost a best friend without the chance to give her my last respect. 

2011, will see me finishing UiTM as a foundation student. Already did my phase 1 for University Application, but I just don't want to hope big. Looking forward for adventures and more adventures that could turn me into someone worthier to the people I love. Among the bushes and torn you should not see the hidden tortures and obstacles, instead try searching for the adventures within, which are maze of journeys that can enhance your inner confidence. 

With then, this will be the last decease for 2010. Farewell I shall say. You will I miss, deeply:)

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