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Monday, 10 January 2011

Muet And Miscellaneous

"Seriously, I expect more from you, Dayana", wrote a friend of mine on yesterday's chat. He thought, and many friends here, expected that I could get band 5 at least, but yeah, don't expect high on me, because you would end up backfired. To be frank, I got band 4 for MUET End 2010, and I felt relieved. Alhamdulillah to Allah The creator, for HE the only one who knows the best for HIS servants.

So far I knew two guys from UiTM Puncak Alam who got band 5. They are awesomers whom need no more to be bragged. Congrats to all of MUET candidates who passed it well, and eligible for the degree programmes. Let's work hard on the real examinations and assignments at college for now on, and surpass the CGPA needed.

Been away from blogging not because I was reluctant to do so, but I was actually hindered by bad server of the Internet. What to do? I am not afford to buy a broadband for now, seriously, my allowances given by the KPT decreased bit by bit. Paid the RM475 fees and only several amount was left. Then, there is other thing that needed to be paid, so meaning I can't really use that money to spend on leisurements and entertainments which is kinda frustrating. The more you live, the more things you need, the more things you want, but sadly, most of them have to be traded with cash. What a life. That's why, you can't say money is not important. Even to buy yourself a yard of cloth when you die, need some money.

Anyhow, in the midst of relief after accomplished doing my physics first presentation, now come the other one. I thought I had passed it, and that's for the last time, but I was wrong. Tuesday, I need to present the OHM'S law experiment, done the slides with the girls but then, after rejoicing, I remembered that I haven't revise for upcoming test on Thursday, which consisting of 7 chapters to cover, and I went ballastic. Covering so many topics in less than a week is a crazy job but still, I have to make it work. Not to mention, my roommate whom has always been on her desk, studying like hardcore, came to seek me for physics, but then I realised, even though I got the answer right, I already forget the solution. How pathetic.

Wow. already 1 am, and here I am, jotting down a journal, without the pursuit to scratch the notes for physics and chemistry, in which chemistry test is on Tuesday. I lent my notes and tutorials on hydrocarbon to a groupmate, but then his girlfriend called, telling me that that friend of mine's Iphone was out of battery, so he can't reply any of my messages and calls, so making me waiting like for 30 minutes at the dining hall and almost went furiously annoyed. I am pissed because sometimes, doing good brings some sort of discomfort in our lives. Like what I faced, giving someone notes that I myself should be reading and conquering, and ending up being pissed because I can't get back the notes immediately. Everything is just increasing my hatred towards everything else.

Oh, until then, you will see me brag and mutter and merepek for more after this. Don't worry. Just read, about how those computer and Internet geeks are in the search for a program that could detect whether any social networks or webs account owners who died and letting their pages to be neglegted arouse curiosity of mine of the progress. It would be great, if one day we can know easier if something emergency like that happened. 

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Calvin Charles said...

Take it easy, Dayana. Everything will be fine. From my point of view, you are soft-hearted person and can cope up with everything. Well, since we are studying the same course, we should at least complaint what is our problem because that is normal. Together we succeed till the end. May Allah Bless You. Thanks, Dayana for the journey.... oh yeah, our groupmate is hard to be seen in his room. Normally, he will be back like 12.30pm. Haih! I helped you. LOL!