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Saturday, 15 January 2011

Trying harder is not the answer

Assalamualaikum and rise and shine peeps here in the blog-O-sphere. Nothing more fun than the chance to wake up without having to bath early, to prepare early and to just worry about classes, work and the annoying people around you. Don't take the weekends for granted, mind that.

The previous two weeks had been quite a crap for me and I bet many others at Puncak Alam. Just imagine, that for preceding two weeks, the lecturers have been speeding up every topics, and there were Physics Presentation, due date of the submission of the ecology project and the misery of Test 1 for the second semester. I almost smacked out myself because there weren't any of the time spare for me to revise properly and to get a good night sleep. Whenever I shut my eyes to go faraway to New York in my dreams, I would be reminded of the need to go back to lecture notes. What a life.

I supposed that's what University life is all about. Everything must be comprehended on your own, and it is yourself only that could make everything seems fine work out well. My friends and I whom were doing the Ecology Project, together, were backfired with the fact that we actually killed ourselves for doing last minute jobs. Imagine how we were just about to start doing the essays on ecological niche, adaptation of the animals in our so-called make believe ecosystem, the biotic and abiotic limiting factors of it and everything else for the project for the whole one week. And it was on that particular ONE WEEK also, that we had to study like super hard for the test which we were conned right onto our face. I for once, felt so stupid and a fool. 

Test One was a misery for me. I repented. I wasn't supposed to study THAT HARD, and burnt the midnight oil, worrying about how to answer HARD questions. Instead, I should have take note on the simplest parts in which I overlooked them, and just neglecting them, which was the worst thing I ever did. So, basically I thought test one gonna be a blast. The questions I assumed to be tough and tricky and what not, except for Biology. But, in the end, they were the reverse of what I assumed. 

-Thought that I did my best remembering the formulas and understanding the concept, but I guess, I was wrong. I did my worst for the EASIEST physics test and I should note that Prof Ahmad had already told me in Facebook that it is gonna be an ANTIDOTE for the other paper. I studied like hell, but then nothing seems working. I flunk in understanding the concept of Doppler Shift. When two cars at the same speed and moving at the same direction, no doppler occurred because Doppler Shift depends on the difference in speed. I failed to master the concept of light, spectrum of colours, the colour that bend the LEAST is RED not violet. I also unable to hinder my careless mistakes, in which, the question asked for HOW LONG, instead, I became erratically confident, and answered HOW FAST. Every mistakes I did make me feel terrible. How can I did that to myself on the easiest paper ever. Perhaps, I could never perform well due to excessive nervousness.

I should be sorry and apologize to my dear prof ahmad. Physics is fun and easy, but I was just too careless. T.T

-Studied almost everything including circulation and I think I did my best, but turned out worst as well. Many answers I wrote at the first attempt were the right ones, instead, after reluctance of hearing to the heart, I quickly replaced the answer with foolishness. SHAME ON ME!

-Should have been more careful, and don't take the examples in tutorials for granted.

-Same like Physics, it was the EASIEST test, but then, I flunked badly. Reaction kinetics were the worst I did, and I am just too frustrated by how I perform. I can answer the questions in tutorials, but during the test, I was just drawn away by carelessness and over confidence. I wanna re-sit for the test so badly. T.T

Physic Presentation
-On OHM's Law, and I think my group did our best. The evaluators seemed to understand our presentation and accepted it with a smile. I am grateful that we weren't tested with nasty-harsh-superduper tough Physics application questions during the presentation. Only that one of the evaluator asked what type of wire we used, and we almost got it right, by implementing the formula of Resistance and resistivity of the conductor. 

I was amazed by how my friends, Nina Zulkifli and Fahmi Faisal did their AWESOME job at KMB for being among those who attained honour rolls. Despite all the hardcore subjects they learn and the over-excessive activities to do on one go, they still manage to shine. I envied them for some reason, but I knew that different people have different potential. Congratulations with the deepest joy from me here who can't do better than you guys, but could just be proud of having such amazing scorers as friends. Their dreams for overseas studies almost there, revealing, and I, still struggling but still flunk and flunk and just couldn't be awesome. Perhaps not my luck, or perhaps, I should go for other options  I just have to be normal and go with the flow like grasses on the wide field ready to be grazed by cows and goats. 

they who give me joy and the meaning of friendship at Puncak Alam. They are awesomers.

Study hard is not the answer to do well. Sometimes, relaxing works better. Keep calm also works better. Or perhaps I can shine no more.

>>P/S: going home after an intense week is a please. And, I am thinking of the next agenda to keep back on track. I lost. Plus, I am dissappointed that everytime I need to go home, there are always important events at campus. Today, USM's medical faculty is dropping by to give a talk. But, I can't go because I need a break from that place and boredom<<

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Calvin Charles said...

Dayana, I feel so terrible too for not doing my best For TEST 1. But what to do, we did our best. Maybe this is not the time for us yet! Allah will help us. You are strong girl that I have ever seen. You complained a lot but yet you perform excellently! This is my compliment. Nothing can stop a man from doing their best. So, cheers!
p/s: USM is goood!!!!