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Thursday, 30 December 2010

Tron Legacy?

I was sweating all over the forehead. My ATM card went missing. Tried searching it in my purse and everywhere but it was nowhere to be found. am I gonna go shopping? 

Two days before the incident happened, I went to Bank Islam, to ensure whether the allowances for the semester had been transferred into my account or otherwise. And yes, thanks to the KPT, now I have the money in the bank. I took the bank slip out and also the card, then drove off back home.

Yesterday, I noticed the card was missing. And, I was about to go for a shopping spree at Midvalley. Dad sent me to bank Islam, where I had to undergo few procedures to get a new ATM card, and burnt RM20 for that. It took an hour and a half at the bank since the officers did their job like so slow than ever. Luckily my little sister was with me, so I had a witness with me who can sign the document and all. We walked to KTM Kajang, which looked near but actually about 3 km from the bank. I who was wearing my gladiator shoes felt so regret because of the uncomfortable shoes.

Arrived at Midvalley around 1 p.m. Quickly headed to the little surau, where it was crowded, like always. And, after that, went to Subway, where we decided not to eat, since the queue was so long. We went upstairs to the cineplex, and yes, the queue was long too. T.T. My heart wanted to watch Meet The Little Fockers, because I always think that watching something that can really tickle our funny bones, would worth the money. Then, my sister had a contradict opinion, in which she wanted to watch Tron Legacy. We took about an hour for queuing and the only available seatings for Meet The Little Fockers were at 4.30 p.m and for Tron, were at 4.00 p.m. My sister said, we should go for the earliest airing movie, so yeah Tron Legacy it was. T.T.

It was around 2.40 p.m, when we finally got our tickets. So, I went for my lunch at the foodcourt, where the food tasted like a stick. Not kicking my tastebuds at all but did wasting my RM10. My sister mocked me for eating at the food court, because the price I paid, would be just similar if I ate something cooler, like KFC or MCD? What a luck.

It was rather a tiring day for me. With a sore throat to handle, an uncomfortable shoes to walk in, and a runny nose to hate for, nothing seemed fine. Went to several shops, but found nothing catching the eyes. It was almost 4.00 p.m, so we headed back to the cinema. 

We sat at the most annoying seats of all, three rows from the front, so our eyeballs had to stand up causing the eyes to be so much of a sore. The sound was damn loud, that my eardrum was almost damaged. Eating popcorns worsen my sore throat. Coughing added to the dismay. It was nothing but a worst day for an outing. 

Tron Legacy, was having too much lights going on. The sounds were so electrified that I got a headache after it ended. After all, it was not a bad movie, but just too complicated for kids. I pitied some children who went there to watch Tron Legacy, I bet they had harsh time trying to understand about the tech stuff going through out the movie. 

Basically, the movie was about a man named Kevin Flynn, who runs this tech company, Encom. He had this vision of creating a cyber world named The Grid. He told his son, Sam, that one day when he succeed in building that world, everything would be beautiful, and he would bring Sam with him. One day, Kevin went missing, and drove the company that he runs together with a partner (I forgot this guy's name), to the bottom of non-profitable. His son became the heir of the company, but many of its board of directors, stole his programs and wanting to make profit of their own. Okay, going straight to the point, only after decades later, Sam, went to his father's old office down an arcade, where he was accidentally brought into his father's creation; The GRID. 

His father created The Grid together with his clone, named Clu and another man-made human called Tron. There they built programs called ISOs or whatever they called. Clu somehow, became rebellious, and became a traitor. Tron saved Kevin Flynn, and Clu destroyed all the ISO's but failed to destroy one program called Quorra.

Clu governed the Grid after that, and Sam's father lived far away in a mansion where everything is white. Sam who was brought into The Grid, was made to play games, where he had to destroy many other programs using a disk of memory who happened to be like a boomerang. T.T. He succeeded to the final battle, and he was brought to meet Clu. He first thought Clu was his father, but he wasn't. He battled again, and this time with Clu, where he had this stick-like device, which happened can evolved into a big motorbike. They raced, and yeah the movie was more like a video game. 

Sam was later saved by Quorra in a cool fast car. He was brought to meet his father, and a family reunion occurred. Then, Sam did everything to destroy Clu, in which till the end of the movie, they fought, with their super cool vehicles. They needed to head for the entrance, so that they could go back to the Earth. At the same time, Clu, happened not to have been killing the programs of ISO's rather making each one of them, as a troop of soldiers to conquer the Earth. Yeah like every villain would do.

By wanting to conquer the world, Clu had to have Kevin Flynn's memory disk. But at the end, only Sam and Quorra who succeeded to go back to Earth. Clu almost caught them, but he failed due to some power made by Kevin. He was then destroyed when he was brought back into Kevin's body. He can only be destroyed by his creator, who was Kevin himself. And, by that the Grid went vanished. 

Yeah, the storyline was heavy and somehow irrelevant. But the super CGI's were awesome to the maximum. You would also went asking yourself, what the heck with the title; Tron Legacy? Tron was not really described in the movie, he was just Kevin's comrade after all. Better name it The Grid or Flynn, right?

Whatever, but I went home with a fever and nothing was bought. What a day.

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