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Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Eh, what if it doesn't work.

Yay! Got my cell back from that Chinese guy from town. Thanks to him, I burnt RM30 for him to repair my its software which had been broken down, and causing me to fail in sending messages to my love ones and comrades. But whatever, not like I am a vivid text messenger anyway.

After two weeks trying to do the online application for my degree via the USM portal, I am glad that it is now done. Sometimes, doing online application is just annoying, where the server is not like a rocket causing you to wait like a log for ONE page to buffer. And sometimes, it's annoying because everything is so tiny to be read that you wish the fonts were bigger. Plus, the most pathetic part is when you have to fill in the cocurriculum section, asking you whether you have participated in any activities so far. Everything is just annoying when it came to online application. 

I don't know why in Malaysia the application for degree level seems so rigid and unclear. I am still blur about the apex universities and the non-apex. USM is one of the apex university, in which wishing to enter the very place need not to go through UPU application, instead it works with its own portal. Upon succeeding to been answered, every applicants must sit for a test called MunSYi or whatever it is called. For matriculation students, the test will be held around April 2011 if I was not mistaken at their respective colleges. However, for Foundation centres of UiTM and Pasum the venue will be informed later. And I feel rather sluggish on sitting for a test. Just like when you were about to enter MRSM, where you feel so happy receiving a letter to sit for the test, but felt so bad after failing to get a spot. And, failing has always been my greatest 'victory'. T.T

I got paranoid when it comes to the test and also not to mention, the rumours behind the applications and all. Many mouths had wide spoken about the fact that if we get USM, we will be blocked from receiving the UPU choices. Why must in this whole life world be such an annoying and seriously damn disheartening rumour? Not like USM is my primiere' choice after all, but what if I got USM, and I got blocked from receiving other choices? I hope the rumour is just a make believe. Even the officer from the High Education Ministry haven't (or didn't) tell us anything about that matter, so I better assumed it for now as just plainly rumour, and I am sick hearing after one and another. 

8 options had I chose. Being at the top is my only dream after all these while. Mainly what I chose, stick to what I am learning since starting form 4 until now the pre-U level. 4 of them will need me to undergo an interview, but I'll not be burdening myself to prepare it for now as it is too early. Praying hard for lucks. And later after I bought my UPU pin number, another 8 choices to be chosen wisely. Probably, UiTM would be first option even though, I have this paranoid thoughts of dimness. But nevermind, Allah is here with me, for HIM the only one who could hold me upright, strangling all these wheels of life. 

In addition, after going through some blogs this morning. I found something that I should bear in mind, from the start, it was from Zaki Anwar's journal: 

Allah hears your prayer and answered them. He will give you an obvious YES, sometimes He will give you a YES but NOT NOW and He will also tell you in His own way, that He has other better plan for you, and there is never a NO.

Yes, I can't tell how would I be if what I wish to have won't be answered an obvious YES, but having to know Allah is there no matter what you are and where you are will plight you with the biggest comfort of love and secure.  


Calvin Charles said...

ur ryte....haih!!!!! Hopefully, we can get the same UNIVERSITY.....

dayanaazhar:) said...

saya tak nak satu U dgn awak.

Fahmi Faisal said...

dah isi upu for degree eh?? bestnya nak buat degree..all the best

dayanaazhar:) said...

yes fahmi, dah isi. tapi possibility nak dpt first choice especially medicine susah. praying for the bext.