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Sunday, 26 December 2010

Because he's my little brother

They won and triumph over the water again. How incredible the St Clouds' boys are when it came to boat racing. Charlie, the big brother, almost got hit by the another boat rear end, but Sam the little one called out and made Charlie alert.

They gathered for picture capture, and people congratulated them for being the youngest to win the very race. The boys looked beyond the wide sea, and one of them said, "One day, we will have our own boat" And both of them laugh after having the day of their lives.

The next day, it was Charlie's high school graduation. He went into a deep conversation about how expensive it would be to move to Standford with Mrs. St Cloud. Sam at the back seat, looked rather hard trying to understand what the talk was all about. "No worry, Charlie. It won't be so expensive, I just said it is expensive". Charlie, had the look on his face, of pure reluctant on his plan to pursue sailing at Standford, after being offered a scholarship. But, he was determined to go. 

Everyone applauded Charlie went he received his diploma on the stage. And every girl there, had their eyes wide open for Charlie, who was of course, the small town's most eligible bachelor. "We hope high for you, young man!" exclaimed, the Principal when he shook hands with Charlie. Words that came out from Charlie's heart were, "I hope high for myself too sir!" And everyone cheered for the town's champion of sailing. 

In about a week, Charlie would leave the town for Standford, leaving behind his mother who worked hard days and nights round the clock, and his only brother, Samuel. He promised to play baseball with Sam, everyday, at Sunset near the forest at the lake. So, there they went, playing baseball and do what brothers should have fun doing. 

That night, Charlie had to take care of Samuel, while his mother, like always as a night shift nurse had to endure the smell of the hospital. He made dinner, when Sam was happily and eagerly watching a match of baseball. He lurked slowly to his car outside, to go hang out with his friends before heading to the new world of College. But, then came Sam from nowhere. "HEY are you gonna leave me alone!" 

"Crap!", exclaimed Charlie. He was busted. Without wanting any fight, he let Sam into the car. Sam wanted him to drop him somewhere and Charlie just followed whatever his little brother wanted. Like every other siblings would do, Charlie and Sam played around in the car, and Sam almost got the car stranded, before Charlie had the chance to aware him that he was driving. The road was busy and crowded with fast cars and trucks. They almost got into an accident. 

"Oh shoot!" said Charlie, when he needed to turn left, the road didn't give him the chance to move. When he was about to turn the car, another car in front, went a bit slow, and it made him stuck in the middle. BOOOM! A truck from the back hit them and ......crashed, the car went upside down.

"I am scared!" said Sam. Charlie hugged him tight. They injured harshly. They saw light. "They gonna save us", said Charlie, consoling his little brother. was just a dream. Charlie and Sam, were in the same ambulance. A paramedic helped Charlie regained conscious. Charlie in his weak soul could see how his brother, Sam at another side looked terribly pale and weak. "SAM!!!" he shouted. He could only cry. The paramedic injected him and he went to sleep, after knowing that he had lost Sam for the rest of his life.

During funeral, when the priest asked Charlie whether he wanted Sam's gloves to be buried together with the casket, he refused. And he ran as far as he could, failed to hide how terrible he felt after loosing someone so precious to him.

5 years later, sees Charlie still at the small town. Doing a job as a caretaker of the cemetery, the same cemetery where his brother, Sam had been buried. He did everything to make sure, the cemetery is clean. He built a cabin near the lake and a small work place inside where he would sit down when he frees, to sketch models of boats that he had always dream to have. 

Every day, at sunset, he took the baseball glove and went by the lake, to see Sam. They played until they got bored. That was his promise and he granted it. He gave up all the bright future could take him, just to be fantasized by his thoughts: that Sam was still alive. Until then, everyone in town, knew him as Charlie St Cloud who was once a potential sailer, now just a crazy caretaker. 

The above story was taken from the Movie; Charlie St Cloud. This is a three quarter of the whole story which I think the most significant part there is. Well, the other quarter seemed a bit, irrelevant. I don't actually like how it ended, and how a woman could change his life and made him sail again. They didn't make it well. So, you better watch it yourself to know the rest.

Charlie St Cloud, although, just plainly simple drama, could give me and (you) probably, messages that one could hard to learn. Messages about love, about care and about life. How a lost of someone so precious, could dull one's life just that simple and how strong is the bond between two brothers, till one of them could gave up everything he had, just to be with the one he thought was alive. It tells me how love between brothers and sisters are important, even though we might think it's lame. 

>>p/s:Like mom and dad always remind me: if you have many brothers and sisters you are lucky, because you wouldn't be alone no matter where you are and whatever you are. I on the other hand, only have 2 siblings, so yes, I should take care of them like how mom and dad took care of me. Love and care are humans' nature. Do bear this in mind. <<

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okay... that was nice... but Dayana what is it that u wanna tell to ur reader thru ur entry this time.....