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Saturday, 25 December 2010

Semester Breaks Open Its Curtain

Salam everybody here in blogosphere. Wow, it's now 25th December 2010. Only a week left for 2010 to end, and the odd 2011 to appear. Feels like only yesterday, I went home, and celebrated the joy of the returning of Mom and Dad from the Holy Land, after they performed their pilgrimage. Now, it's a year already.

I have a week of the college off, in correspond to the Christmas Holiday and New Year. Feels different since it is the first time in my life, being engrossed with so many works and tutorials and assignments and the list goes on during this holiday joy. Passed years had saw me rejoicing the holiday with preparation to get back to school. But, now that has become a history that would never return. I am an adult. Different from a kid. 

The past weeks had me enduring college phase like it used to be. Been to aquaria at KLCC last week with dear girls from UiTM, brought me with happiness aside from tire. I encountered true friendship while I were with them. Went there, for our ecology project was somewhat terminated some stressed inside the brain. Depression level dropped when laughter conquered our souls. Being a University student had actually been useful to us. At Aquaria, one of the staff there was gladly became our guide throughout the trip. Telling us all about the animals and helped us capturing nice photos had certainly benefited us. He also brought along the Aquaria Mascot (A fluffy shark) to get a picture with us although the place was excessively crowded with people. See kids! Be a university student to feel this experience. People respect you and wanna help you for your project, unlike when we are school kids. 

Not to mention, many other things actually happened. One is of course, I had endured the terrifying Physics Laboratory Presentation on the Experiment of Convex Lens. It gave a sense of relief, after all the tough and tricky questions asked by the evaluators upon completion of the presentation. Thanks a lot for fellow presenters, like Sara Salleh, Calvin, Dinas and Christine for helping along. And add to the back crew, Azneeza for being such a genius in drawing the lens and apparatus, together with Dina, Azyan, Balqis Isa, and Eliza for stood there giving our group support. I was actually lucky to have Convex Lens as the topic since it was not too complicated rather than the experiment on the speed of sound. I pitied the groups that had to present that experiment to the evaluators. Everything seemed so complicated. I was also lucky because, the evaluators were Ms Julie and Mr Hafiz whom weren't that frightening and stern, even though, I was hoping for Prof Ahmad to actually test us. Lol. I can get killed if my fellow groupmates read this. 

Oh, there is also a frustration upon the coupons system at UiTM. Every asasi students are required to get at least 8 coupons to obtain the full marks of 10 as for cocuriccular activities, which will be added up to 90 percent of the curicculum total marks in order for the qualifications to get the chance for a degree application. So far I have only 4 coupons, even though my housemate already has 8. T.T. Distribution of coupons are not really satisfying and fair. Even if you don't go to any events to get the coupons, instead having friends to snatch some for you, that would be fine. Some of them who become the coupons' distributor haven't been trustworthy too. They saved up some of the coupons and give them to their fellow friends and housemates and so on. See. How dirty the game is played? I attended about 2 events last semester which I supposed to get coupons but rather, I went home empty handed. What a life. 

Looks like I have to find for another 4 events to attend, to fulfill the coupons collections. And, yeah, Test 1 is looming, that's why we are piled with homeworks and so on. At least, we could have something to force us to revise, instead returning home and luring around. I also heard that the scholarship money are already banked into our accounts. I feel so sad seeing the remaining amount of my previous semester's scholarship. I didn't spend well, boo me! 

Yesterday, walking down the aisle returning from Raflessia II after visiting a friend, my former elementary classmate greeted me after such a long time. He is in the same lecture with me but we acted ignorant, and yesterday, when he asked me something, I went perplexed. Wow, at last someone recognized me.

>>>p/s: there're just too many mechanisms to be memorized and understood. Pray hard for strength in memorizing and strength in patience<<<


ARC™ said...

i think you meant lurking...not luring :)

ooo dia guna sistem kupon cmtu eh....sgt x adil kot....

fawz@n said...

dayana,i have a question.
how about certs that we got from college/uni activities?
could they be counted as cocu marks for foundation students?

dayanaazhar:) said...

bro asfan: oh no kena brush balik my english. yeah, so unfair and thats what basically we at uitm have to endure. what a luck.