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Saturday, 18 December 2010

Semester Two Chapter 4

Chapter 4 finally indicated that it has been a month so at Puncak Alam for semester two. Wow! Feels like a flash of time, but that's good isn't it. And, only been there for a month, everything we learn seems so fast. Like Biology, I can drool of boredom since the lecturer kept on reading the slides all over again, and without proper explanation on the topic. Baik duk bilik baca notes sendiri. Lol.

I know that for semester 2, that Biology almost mimics what came out in Form 5 syllabus, but intense versions of them can't be THAT simple. Again, I miss Ms Jamie the lecturer. Where in the heck of this world, will someone can teach Biology like she did?

Physics on Light, are just irresistible. No kidding, that light is the worst topic of Physics that I would ever master. Why in the whole life world, my roommate said that I am good in it? I worked hard to make it cling to the memory and to the power of understanding, but seriously, coming to lenses, wow you will wanna puke. And plus, Prof Ahmad, kept telling about extra classes that we need to attend, or in other words lectures that many fall on public holidays need to be rescheduled. Maybe after this, I can't even have weekends, since Physics will fall on those lovely short breaks. T.T. (I'll just consider it as a trial test for upcoming oncalls perhaps?

Mathematics just came to chapter 2 the vectors. No play with vectors. Even though, some thought they could be easy, but think again. Oh maybe I am the only one who think that way? Matrices are still not being able to master. Row of Echelon and Elementary Row Operations are just simply annoying. Solution of matrices to determine the unique, infinite and none solution add up the burdens. Thanks God, I am on still on track T.T. However, tutorials are increasing, but still the old ones aren't done. How am I gonna do them well?

Just met Nadia Hakim Nasseri, who happens to be Farhana Zain's friend in the lift. She was shy. Hahaha. Glad that I met someone in facebook for real. Plus, I just knew that Jalan Empat High School was the best SPM 2009's daily school. Wow. Met an ex PALAM student who happened to be Vignaa's schoolmate (all from Jalan Empat) in Facebook. Cool add some more mutual friends. That friend on the other hand, is in the same place as Fahmi Faisal, meaning they are now in KMB. Looking through his pictures, saw one more guy I know from UiTM Palam as well. Gosh. I made it complicated eh? Whatever.

This whole week has been both okay and horrid. The horrid thing is that, I slipped over on the way to the Raflessia Cafe' since the floor was slippery due to rainwater. It was embarrassing. I quickly got up, and made the cool face and fades away before more people see me. Lol.

Before I am off, take a look at this super seriously funny Ikea Catalog of 2010. Plus, when I saw the news about siblings underaged doing sex and recorded it on the phone in Metro Harian, it aroused the feeling of frighten and annoyed. Are kids too obsessed with sex? Wow, what a world. Pray hard people. For the end is not far.

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