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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

And it went by faster than I thought

Another week before a week off for Jingle Bell and Santa Claus celebration. How fast time flew. So far, thank Allah, that I already feel like home here. Friends are like families and sisters, the bedroom is so cosy than anything you could wish for, the weather has always been fine and nice and the breezy wind that I breathe in, feels so chill and comfy. It's fine here after all.

On the 22nd January, a Grand Dinner like I always bragged about will be held at the SACC. The masquerade theme has been cancelled. Of course, would it be relevant wearing baju kurung and a mask? Unless, one is willing to spend more on suitable dresses, then it would be fine, but yeah, as for us the Malaysians, that theme could be kinda awkward to be comprehend. At last, the theme is now on traditional and dashing. Traditional as for the ladies, and dashing for the guys. The protocol on the attire for the night had been given, and yeah, tutup aurat and be modest is A MUST!

Supposedly, by next week I am not gonna stay at Puncak Alam and going to somewhere called the Holy Land. Mom has been so happy for the plan. But, this morning, Allah shows us how HE the Almighty has the capability to just make it not coming true. The entry for the Holy Land, is now close for any visitors due to maintenance purposes. I on the other hand, who already passed the letter to the Director of the Asasi, feel jaded. I don't know how should I tell the rest about the cancellation. But, I know, it is no worth of keeping inside, so I told my best friend, Dina. I feel ashamed because I bragged about the plan already, but at the same time, feeling despair because after everything seemed to run so smoothly, then nothing could I hold for, at the very last. Astaghfirullahalazim, for only Allah knows best and the Greatest.

Anyways, gonna do the things that needed attention. Piles of work still undone, due to the overslept momentum of the very author. Still I am working on the very hard as I could. 

>>>p/s: Biology and Physics are now speeding at the speedest speed!! Hope everything will be just fine. Ameen<<<

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Calvin Charles said...

ummmm... that's alright. At least you have the determination to go to the Holy Land.... Don't be sad.... What to do.... if there is a will, there is a way... okay...mate....