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Thursday, 2 December 2010

Semester Two Chapter 2

Like always, to blog at Puncak Alam takes time. Hard to use the Internet and no time to leisure blogging, literally speaking. Unlike semester 1, currently, tonnes of works are piled on the desk, and just pray hard that I could manage to settle them up in time. 

Anyhow, like I tell you readers earlier, in the previous post, I would like to jot down some objections regarding the talk by UPU staff thingy happened on last Monday the 22nd of November. Yes, like everybody knows, we here in Puncak Alam foundation centers are required to fill in the UPU form for applying our degree courses via online. 13 December is the date projected for us to start applying and continuous until the 26th of December if I was not mistaken. But whatever. 

Prof Ahmad, in just now Physics lecture, suggested us to CHOOSE Physics as our first selection for the degree programme. According to him, we better stick to things that aren't seems limited like Medicine, Pharmacy and dentistry. To note you readers widely, UiTM rather has only 350 spots for the three latter courses. 200 spots for medicine, 100 spots for pharmacy and 50 spots for dentistry. Hahaha. Laugh out loud people. With 1000 ++ ants of people here to compete for the same 'resource' and 'dreams', the possibility narrowed down at a much higher rate. Prof Ahmad went again telling us, sarcastically and frankly, how are we gonna go for medicine, if only a small number of us, obtained at least A in two important subjects; Biology and Chemistry? And, the sound of the cengkerik was heard. Even when he told us to CHOOSE Physics, a girl at the back, exclaimed loudly, AHHHH!!

Back to the talk given on last Monday, I was rather gonna puke, after hearing that, we BETTER go for courses that aren't likely going to be chosen by the applicants. The talker said, over and over, that we BETTER opt for something different, or in other words, choose the road less taken. Many Malaysians are gonna pick medicine. That's for sure, and even though many universities rated the least pointer at 3.50 for the applicant to qualify for the course, that is again A LIE. "Go for other universities", told the talker for the day. Don't choose UiTM unless you are really good and well-equipped with those charismatic features like amazing pointers and credibilities in many areas. And when I thinking back the moment when I whined after receiving a YES for being an asasi student, I looked back at myself at the mirror, and saw the reflection of a loser. I drowned in somewhat a lower charismatic person and having lack in credibilities in many areas. And, so many others here are WAY outstanding. I again feel jaded. 

In my minor group B1, still the friends are there. But, I feel hard to befriend with many of them especially the opposite genders. Like always, I am bad at socializing with the guys. And, the same thing goes for the girls. Not to mention, 3 persons in the B1 group I knew, got a flat 4 pointer recently. When I looked at them, I witnessed my weaknesses  'Lack of diligence' and 'Proud over the top'. Some of them, rather looked simple, and if we didn't bother to ask, probably until the semester II ends, we won't be able to know they were flat pointer students. Applause for them who gained triumph. They deserved it. And the least I could bear in my mind, is that, everyone has his or her own 'rezeki'. 

Before I am off, I also wanna brag that the foundation in science is planning to have the Grand Dinner, in which the further details are still phantoms. Now, the administration board are conducting a vote for the theme. I hope they organized it somewhere nearer, like Kuala Lumpur. But, yes, some might object. Grand Dinner will be a blast, I supposed. But still, on the assurance whether I will attend, is still in consideration. Perhaps, grand dinner is for those who really think socializing is their advantage. Crap, I am lacking in my confidence now. 

I just voted for spring fling; the least that I think suitable and easiest to find a dress to wear. And, thinking of what to wear and put on is a serious problem too. Oh what a life! Plus, not returning home this weekend, weakened my pumping of the heart. Boredom will strike me in the bedroom. And going to and fro to the bathroom, and continuous studying, making me having a headache and eye sore. Adios.

>>>hoping for the sem II allowances to exist in the bank account A.S.A.P;( <<<<


Qubezo said...

While we, A-level students were complaining about having such a short period of holiday, after, you know what we faced throughout the week; here I am, with a sombre face in front of the lappy, backstabbed and horrified after reading your latest post about the new UiTM policy.

I was somehow shocked with the latest news of UiTM only selecting such a few students for their degree. 200 spots for medicine, 100 spots for pharmacy and 50 spots for dentistry only? This is going to be a deadly massacre to everyone! This is really a no kidding job. The way how they make it sounds everything should be okay with 3.50+ passing marks seems like giving a false hope to me.

Dayana, seriously, don't worry too much. Just believe in yourself and don't try to pretend to be someone you're not. I mean, about that charismatic part, you should be able to cover it.. and regarding that credibility pointer thing, I guess you shouldn't put such a demanding emphasis on it. Just concentrate on your academics, insya Allah the rest will just flow in harmony!

Megat Azfar said...

yea. ape yang nak aku cakap, semua macam naqib cakap. AHAHA..btw, my special friend pun sedang bergelut di sana. sian korang. yea, banyak U lain offer Medicine, tapi nape korang nak UiTM jugak?

Hifzhan Arimi said...

jangan mudah putus asa,
tetapkan niat ko mmg nk jdi seorang doctor,
so,truskan usaha dan istiqamah dlam perjuangan,
sesungguhnya manusia hanyalah mmpu merancang maka Allah yg melaksanakannya,
harap jgn cepat mengeluh ye,
charisma tu,,
ko x perlu nak menonjolkan sgt diri,
just be the way you are naturally,
tapi jgn plak passive sgt,
act natural,
jgn gile kuasa atau pangkat,
anyway,sama2 struggle for our dream,=)

dayanaazhar:) said...

naqib: yeah. but I guess, both places have their own problems/mishap that we have to face. like when u in A level, not being spoonfed, and short sem breaks. and like mine, whom have trouble after asasi ends. but then again, thanks for understanding. and yeah, I should pray more, beg more and do more to let things go right. and right now, I am trying to be more diligent, plus, reducing my intention to return home every week, in order to stay here and study. haha. goodluck to you too naqib. :)

dayanaazhar:) said...

cik megat: oh yes. thanks again. not that everyone will choose UiTM, but since the campus is a new baby, so we opt for UiTM as it is more conducive than the other old universities. I also opt for UKM, but the university is quite strict regarding med students. barely, they only choose flat pointers. I might as well try out unisza, a new college in terengganu. but I really wish for somewhere nearer, UPM for example.

dayanaazhar:) said...

hifzan: terharu sbb first time dapat komentar daripada mesir. yup, aku tahu aku banyak whining. perhaps due to what always happen lately. and yes, sabar tu keyword kepada setiap pekerjaan dan erti kehidupan. aku pun nak jadi penyabar. cuma bila orang daripada UPU datang, habaq mai kat kami macam tu, rasa mcm kena sumbat dengan cekodok basi. cuba bayangkan macam mana kami rasa. kami yang pointer tak berapa bagus ni bukan tak belajar. hari2 bongkok belajar, utk jawab periksa. ada tu nasib baik, tak belajar pun dapat pointer meletup, ke tak sakit hati. and not to mention, utk masuk med school uitm pun dah strict, just 200 students. dan dalam bebanyak orang kat sini, tingginya competition. seriously, rasa too down, dengan mereka yang hebat kat sini. :(

hahaha. yup masih bersemangat utk jadi doktor. alhamdulillah niat tu tak pernah hilang. :) dan cabaran yang banyak ni, terpaksa jugak ditangani dan dilewati, mungkin ada baiknya. bak kata orang, bersusah-susah dahulu, bersenang-lenang kemudian.

anyhow, thanks again for dropping by, and left me a comment. at least, I know there're readers out there who care. :)

and live well in egypt. don't spare it.