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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Semester Two Chapter 3

And yes, been in Puncak Alam for the 3rd week. Alhamdulillah, everything went okay and alright, without anything to be complained off (finally it is okay). 

Classes are on errand like usual. Nothing much to be bragged, still running here and there, especially around 3.00 p.m to 4.00 p.m, in order to get the lift to get the seats for later lectures. And things got fun when we need to actually fight for the lift, during the peak hours between tutorial at FF2 and lectures at FSK DKF2 which is the farthest lecture hall there is, and most of my lectures are situated at that VERY hall. What a luck!

Anyhow, last weekend, I CHOSE to stay and not returning home for the weekends. Well, my one of the eldest cousin got married to a beautiful woman on Sunday, so my parents picked me up and headed there on that very day. Both looked stunning during their wedding at my favourite place to eat like in heaven ; Mak Teh's house. A house where already becoming our village. It was a happily-smooth event. Alhamdulillah :) Glad seeing 2 of my cousins, already settled down, and now left with emmm...wait, too many to be counted. Hehehe. 

Yup, and on Saturday morning, as early as 8 a.m, my groupmates and I went for a cycle around this huge campus. It has been sooooo long since my last cycle. And, cycling is forever still very fun. It felt so much like Azizul Hasni Awang, the gold medalist, when cycling down the peak of puncak alam. Fuuhh. so fast, and barely stopped. Getting the fresh air and laughing non stop with the girls gave me a sense of relief from boredom in my room. Thanks to the girls:) But yes, when returning to the peak, and to cycle against gravity is no fun! Tiring except for my one friend, Eliza. The other girls said, they got asthma during returning. Hehehe. Sadly, Dina Azureen was not there. If not, it would be fun even more. 

from left; Yan, Jija, Syikin and Eliz

sorry, no make-up lol

the very left is Dina, and she's funny like damn funny. I wonder why she's quite today :(

I wanna show u guys, how is it like in the midst of the environment. It was captured in the morning and it was raining. Colddd I tell ya. And yes, very nice to 'guling2' on the bed:)

Can you see the stairs? A view from my room:) And kabus weh. biasalah Universiti Genting Highland, hehee.:)

Well, I must say it is kinda sad to know, that in a 4 months time, I'll bid this nice room a farewell. It's hard to get a nice room alike what you can get at Puncak Alam. As for my juniors, who wanna do diploma in health sciences or foundation studies; opt for UiTM in your UPU application. Who knows you will get my first class room:) 

Alas, gotta do my lab report for chemistry. Been procrastinating it since last Thursday. Boo me! And, at last, The Annual Grand Dinner for Asasi Sains students is now alive! Will be held at Shah Alam Convention Center, price per person is RM70 but still in the progress of getting sponsorships from UiTM itself, buses are provided, auditions are on, and if I am not mistaken, only 1500 persons can actually accommodate the hall. The SACC already asked for the RM20K deposit. What a value eh? But it will be a waste if one doesn't go. It sounded like a fantastic event, and what NOT, its theme is Masquerade baby! Maybe I can put on something like I watched in Shakespeare movies? 

or perhaps V for Vendetta? ngeh3

Or like this, smart eh?

Okay, to be frank, I am kinda like the theme. Sophisticated no? I just wish I can wear dresses, but I couldn't. Anyhow, let's see how thing goes. 10 persons per table, who gonna be in a group with me? hehehe:)

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Sarah Mohd Ritha said...

u'll look a 'ganas ' girl if put on the vendetta one.hahaha